Perhaps, there is no such day which does not symbolize any of the critical events or facts. Likewise, World Pharmacist Day is also one of the most typical days that are celebrated throughout the world. The world Pharmacist Day 2016 for Nepal is going to be celebrated on 25th of September at the department of drug administration, which is situated in Bijuli Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal 44600.

For this year, the central theme of the world pharmacist’s day is “Pharmacists: Caring for you.” And this theme was specially chosen to reflect the most critical role of pharmacists in providing care to the public and also to highlight the emotional connection with their parents. Besides, the role of pharmacists has evolved from that of a provider of medicines to that of a provider of care. So let’s know the importance of Pharmacist through this program.

It’s a once in a year program. So give you some valuable time for this event, and this would help you to know about the current status of the pharmacy field in Nepal. Not only this, you can even compare our product with the globalized market. So let’s come and join this program.

Furthermore, I would recommend vigorously warmly welcome to every pharmacy and medical student to join this program and enrich your knowledge regarding pharmacy. Thank You!