It is an initiative to encourage innovative thinking to come up with out of box ideas to problems and challenges faced by people in Nepal as a result of the recent earthquake.

If you think you have that path-breaking ideas, participate and get a chance to win prizes worth Nepalese Rupees 1.5 Lakhs.

About Hack The Quake

Competition helps discover innovative ideas to a challenging problem. After the disastrous Tsunami in 2004, Indonesia held a competition to discover ways for better information access and Tsunami warning systems. A similar competition was held at Haiti to come up with innovative housing solutions.

In Nepal’s present context a competition is necessary not only to find new ideas but also for the general public to figure out which ideas that already exist are the good ones.

With different groups proposing so many different ideas, the public is finding it hard to know which one is the best one.

So this is an initiation to discover innovative ideas and concepts that use locally available resources, are cheap to make and do not require a lot of hi-tech equipment’s such as temporary Housing, Toilets, Drinking Water Access, Information Access, Solar Electricity Access.

Do remember that we want you to work on the ideas and not simply copy and paste other’s ideas. The main goal of the competition is to come up with as many unique solutions as possible so that everyone can take maximum benefit from it.

Three winners will be chosen who will be provided Nepalese Rupees 50,000 each.