Computer and internet in the source of communication has created a big impact. World has never changed like before as now it has changed due to the internet.

The power of internet to provide information to everyone at once has fascinated everyone and has been able to create a different world of internet in itself.

A research in London has shown that internet will be completely destroyed in 8 years as the fibers through which the data is travel led won’t be able to handle the amount of data says a London newspaper.

But even after this we have been so much ambitious about the development of internet and working on it as our lives are intermingled with it. We will be seeing so much changes in the internet till the year 2025, that we will have our lives directly affected by it thus changing our lives as well.

Some facts related to the internet:

1. 255 TB of data can be travel led through optical fibers.

2.Only 9.8% of people have broadband connection in the world. 3.25.

3 Mbps is the fastest internet in the world which is available in Korea.

4.India requires only 30 kilometers of cable whereas 500 km is being installed every month.

Only 42% of people have access to internet in the world. They also have been working on increasing the speed of internet. 4G and 5G services will be soon available worldwide as they have been preparing for it.

The fastest broadband internet is 3.9 Mbps. Till the year 2025, the speed of internet from Mbps will reach to Gbps. However researchers have already been able to achieve the speed in tbsp.

Internet of things as a facility Internet of things has been quite famous now and will be a big thing in some year. so what is internet of things?

When every electronic devices will be interconnected to each other with the help of internet so that they can be controlled with the help of mobile apps, it is known as internet of things.

Some significant and useful features will be that cars will be able to collect all the traffic data so that the driver gets prior information, fridge will be able to send a reminder about the required food item. Symantec web When we use search engines, we get desired results as well as undesired result.

What Symantec web does is provide only the desired results to user so that it will be easier for the user to choose from.