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10 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

In this world of digital dominance, the Nepali language had always been a step behind. Why? Because we did not have any proper standardized input system. But that changed with the arrival of the Hamro Nepali Keyboard.

Brought to you by Hamro Patro’s team, this application has a high rating of 4.2 with 35,310 total reviews and 5,000,000+ downloads in the Google Play Store. It requires your Android version to be 4.1 or higher and only takes up 11M of your phone space.

Get Started with Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is available in both Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for your IOS devices.

Once you install it from your respective stores, you need to give the app permission and change your keyboard from the Standard keyboard to Hamro Nepali Keyboard.

For users’ convenience, this app provides you with a Transliteration map:


अ –                   a                                                          ए –                   e

आ –                  aa                                                        ऐ –                   ai

इ –                   i                                                           ऐ –                   ai

ई –                   ii                                                          ओ –                  o

उ –                   u                                                          औ –                  au

ऊ –                  oo                                                        अं –                   am

ऋm-                rri                                                         अः –                  ah


क –                  k / q                                                     ख –                  kh

ग –                   g                                                          घ –                   gh

ङ –                  ng                                                        च –                   ch

छ –                   chh                                                      ज –                   j / z

झ –                   jh                                                         ञ –                   yn

ट –                   T                                                          ठ –                   Th

ड –                   D                                                         ढ –                   Dh

ण –                   N                                                         त –                   t

थ –                   th                                                         द –                   d

ध –                   dh                                                        न –                   n

प –                   p                                                          फ –                  ph

ब –                   b                                                          भ –                   bh

म –                   m                                                         य –                   y

र –                    r                                                           ल –                   I

व –                   v                                                          श –                   sh

ष –                   Sh                                                        स –                   s

ह –                   h                                                          क्ष –                   ksh

त्र –                   tr                                                          ज्ञ –                   gyn / jyn



Now let’s dive into the features of this resolutory app.

Switchable Keyboard

You can switch the language from English to Nepali and vice-versa.


One of the best features of this application is autosuggestion. Since typing in Nepali can be quite confusing if you are not used to it, this feature predicts the words you are trying to write to make it easier for you to learn and catch up to speed with it.

Use anywhere

The best thing about this app is that with this app, you can type in the Nepali language in any application, on any platform that you want. No need to copy and paste anymore, no need to open translators needlessly for conversion. Just use one keyboard and switch from one language to another as you see fit.


Hamro Nepali Keyboard comes in three keyboard layouts: Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout.


Hamro Nepali Keyboard has brought along themes with it’s latest update. There are 4 themes: Black, Classic, White and Bright themes.

Emojis and Stickers

This application also comes with emojis and stickers for users to enjoy.


Even if you think that you don’t need this app right now, my advice, it is better to have it on you. You never know when you might be in dire need of this. And rest assured, you will love this app when you finally do use it.


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