Hamro Patro App Review: Must Have App in Your Mobile Phone

Hamro Patro App Review

13 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Hamro Patro App Review

Released in Google Play Store in 2012, Hamro Patro is one of the first Nepali apps that includes a Nepali Patro. It is also one of the first apps in the history of Nepal that has crossed over 1 million downloads. It has a high rating of 4.4 in the Google Play store based on 90,373 reviews.

Shankar Raj Uprety developed this calendar app in 2010 to help his fellow Nepali citizens who live abroad to still stay in touch with their cultures, festivals, and other important dates in the Nepali calendar. Later on, the patro team added many additional features that made this app what it is now. And it has turned out to be a lifestyle and productivity app that helps its user to conduct day to day activities.

App Overview


When first installed, the app lets the user choose a language of their comfort to change the said language if needed. It then redirects the user to the main page of the app, which seems to be a bit crowded. Many users have been complaining about the calendar not being on the main page and about the ads being a little too much. Other than that, the overall color schemes and the item placements seem to be quite soothing on the eyes. The top left corner holds the side menu with multiple options for the users to choose from. The users also get a login option to sync personalized profiles to other devices if needed, which can only be seen as a plus point. The side menu holds the major features that made the app.

Major Features

Nepali Calendar

The calendar is that was the base inspiration for the app, can no-doubt be called the most important feature of this app. The calendar shows the Nepali date along with the English date for the convenience of its users. There’s also an event tab where you can see all the events that are either happening or are to come in the said month. The Saait tab shows the possible date with saait suitable for different purposes (marriage, bartabandha, puja). For Nepalese people who strictly believe in saaits, this is definitely a plus point.

Fm Radio, Hamro Audio, and Videos

The Hamro radio lists 100 Nepali radio stations to personalize the radio lists according to your tastes. Hamro audio provides audio podcasts with an add to favorite option. And lastly, Hamro videos show all kinds of news, entertainment, local and sports videos.


Along with a personalized new tab for the user, the latest breaking news, popular news, and news from all sorts of categories (sports, health, technology, economy, entertainment) are listed.

Other features

Other features include:

Hamro Jyotish:

This option allows the user to interact with a Jyotish of their choice.

  • A call with a doctor option.
  • Birth charts and Horoscope.
  • Gold and silver rates.
  • Foreign money exchange rates determined by Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • All kinds of current local vegetable rates, retail, and wholesale.
  • All sorts of Nepali Blogs and literature.
  • Nepali Dictionary and Hamro Nepali Keyboard are also provided for the user’s convenience.
  • A selection of popular and exciting games.
  • Options to view “Share Bazar.”
  • Options for daily personalized and calendar date notes.
  • Options to choose between day and night themes.
  • Quizzes and e-cards.


Considering all the features provided by Hamro Patro, it is a must-have app for all Nepali citizens. As western cultures influence every aspect of our life, from something as personal as clothing to work environments, this app reminds us of our cultures. The multi-purpose app assists its users in every aspect of their lives. Not just that, the Patro team is also very attentive to the problems that some users face and try to eliminate those issues along with every new update. No app can be perfect, there’s always room for some improvement, but Hamro Patro is no-doubt one of the best Nepali Apps that can be found in the Google Play store. It is not Nepal’s number 1 App in ranks for nothing.


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