daraz app review

13 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Daraz App Review

In a world where online platforms are dominant in every aspect of people’s lives, especially during this pandemic, the business in the eCommerce sector is blooming. Everything can be bought and sold through online platforms now. At such time, one app that is at the top of its game is Daraz. As an online platform with many goods, Daraz took over the top position in the eCommerce line. Its website and its app are viral. It has a high rating of 4.4 with 536,445 reviews in Google Play Store and 4.6 in the App Store.  We are here to see if the Daraz app is what it’s sold to be or not.


Like any other eCommerce website and app, Daraz requires that the users are registered before being able to log in and enjoy its perks. The registration is simple, you can register using your phone number, and you can log in once you’ve confirmed the registration via SMS, or you could continue with Gmail/Facebook. Once you are inside the app, you’ll be astonished at the variety of items you can find. Heavily loaded with various offers, vouchers, and discounts. This is an alluring platform.


There are two sides to Daraz. You can either be a vendor who sells their product on the said platform, or you can be the customer that buys items from the platform. Here we are going to venture the features on the customer side of Daraz.

  • A wide array of goods from all sorts of categories (clothes, food, sports items, shoes, techs, electronic goods, baby products, accessories, toys, and even automobiles) can be found. You can search for the products you want in their category.
  • The direct search method is also beneficial.
  • You can categorize your search as price (low to high), price (high to low), and best match.
  • While searching for said product, you also pick out the brand that you want the products from.
  • Daraz also provides a related category panel where searches related to yours are shown for your convenience.
  • You can also customize the price range for your search.
  • You can also pick out the products from a customized search by ratings, size, color family, trend, warranty type, warranty period, style, and other similar categories.
  • There’s a direct message feature.
  • Multiple payment systems: cash on delivery, online payment, ESEWA, etc.
  • A full product description for every product.
  • Product rating options.
  • Customers can add a product to their wish-list.
  • Customers can either buy a product directly or add multiple products to their cart and checkout with all the items together.
  • A home delivery system for customer’s convenience.
  • Constant offers, vouchers, discounts on online payments.
  • Payments from certain banks.


You’d think that a platform as successful as Daraz would have few to none complaints. But, the bigger the organization, the bigger the problems. Here are a few of the many complaints from customers:

  • Daraz has a very aggressive marketing strategy, which makes it seem impeccable, but all of it will be for none of the lacking customer services are not addressed.
  • The quality products that are displayed fails to maintain its standard. Customers are displeased that the product they saw and the product in hand are different. At times the product does not even match. The company fails to effectively monitor the timing they are being delivered on and the products being delivered.
  • Sometimes the same products are seen to have many different prizes.
  • The delivery system outside the Kathmandu valley is mediocre.
  • Daraz seems to have a lot of products, but that is not the case what so ever. The same products are repeated repeatedly, just with either a different price or under a different name.


Daraz is undoubtedly the best eCommerce platform in Nepal’s market, but because of said flaws, the people are getting reluctant to order from Daraz. They are forced to look for other options because Daraz filed to provide them with the quality service they want. If Daraz ignores these complaints and continues to do as they are doing currently, they could face many tough competitors and fall behind. But if Daraz could address these issues, it could be at the top of the line as the end goal for all other e-commerce platforms to come.


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