Disaster Hack is a tech centric economic empowerment model providing jobs, entrepreneurial incubation and educational opportunities to rural communities by providing internet access, tech training, hackerspaces, material production, and assistance getting local products to market in rural disaster zones in emerging countries.

Join us this Saturday from 10:00 am-6:00 pm at our mega cool hacker-space in Jhamsikhel for a Saturday of networking, social good, and most importantly a collaborative effort to translate this Ed-Tech app to help Nepali’s learn code for free, both in Kathmandu an in rural villages.

Disaster Hack  believes that learning computer programming has the potential to develop countries faster than learning any other skill. That’s Why Disaster Hack are translating this app into Nepali, so people can find meaningful well paid jobs in no time.

(No coding experience is necessary, but intermediate language skills are required)

For more: Click Here


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