Samsung Galaxy Fold Everything you need to know

17th May, Kathmandu

Samsung Galaxy Fold, after passing through a series of reviewers was quickly found to have several problems. The reviews coming from well-experienced phone reviewers say that the foldable phone has a durability problem and the company has taken steps to cancel the pre-orders for most customers and don’t have a release date fixed yet. The Samsung Fold is highly fragile for a device priced at nearly $2,000.

According to a recent report published by Samsung, they still plan to fix the Fold despite so much contrary arising regarding the durability of their phone.

A new report released by Yonhap News and regarding the information coming from the officials of the industry, a few changes in the device are suggested and Samsung is still trying to improve the Fold and a possible “next month” release is also suggested in the report.

The most crucial defect seen in the early reviews made by high-end viewers saw the hinge being a major problem. Materials like dirt, fluff and dust got stuck in the mechanism and hence decreased the functionality of the hardware. Samsung is planning to decrease the size of the hinge and hence try to use the pre-existing protective frame to work well in securing the hinge.

A lot of reviewers also mentioned that taken off the screen protector on Samsung Galaxy Fold broke the display, later it was concluded that it wasn’t a protective screen but a part of the display itself.

Samsung is planning to expand this film so that it gets tucked in the frame of the handset and users don’t get confused about peeling it off as a screen protector.

Samsung is trying to introduce a wild factor in the mobile industry and didn’t get the start they would’ve hoped for, however, if they can fix these issues and recover the device, it will still lead the market in a revolution of foldable mobile phones unless other durability problems after the release.


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