Himalayan Bank Offers Business Loans in Nepal

Business Loans in Nepal

10 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Himalayan Bank brings loan offers to car buyers, interest rates less than 8 percent.

Himalayan Bank has launched a new scheme to offer a loan facility at an affordable interest rate to customers who want to buy a car (vehicle). The Bank is preparing to provide a vehicle loan at an annual interest rate of 7.99 percent.

The bank has brought such a loan facility by announcing the interest rate of the new loan.

Apart from vehicle loans, the bank will also provide housing loans, educational loans, loans to educational institutions, small and medium business building loans at a 7.99 percent interest rate.

However, the bank has stated that 9.99 percent interest will be charged on commercial vehicle loans.

The bank has stated that those who take housing, vehicle, and educational loans at fixed interest rates will be given a loan facility of 3 to 15 years by a requirement of more than 9.49 percent.

The service will be provided to the customers who take loans from the bank through a minimum service fee, a simple, easy, and quick process, a free credit card for one year, and monthly installments to be paid every year.


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