Honda Bikes Price in Nepal in 2020

11 March 2020, Kathmandu  

Honda Bikes Price List In Nepal

Riding bikes, more than just a convenience for youths, is a passion. Honda is one of the most popular names among motorcycle riders In Nepal. As a matter of fact, almost every youth has a dream of possessing a classy and powerful Honda bike. In this article, we will look at the Honda bikes price list in Nepal.

First, quick info about Honda bikes in Nepal!

Jyoti Group of Companies initiated its distribution in Nepal by importing 11 units. Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. (STC) is the sole distributor of Honda Bikes in Nepal. In fact, on today’s date, Honda sells over 15 different motorcycles in Nepal. Each of these has its own features with the price is very reasonable.

The price of Honda bikes is as low as Rs. 1.54 lakhs for Honda Navi and goes up to a whopping price of Rs. 31.5 lakhs for CBR 600RR. Leave it to Honda to adjust the needs of budget-conscious consumers. And also, for those who strive for power and style!

FYI: Every Honda customer purchasing Honda bike or scooter gets 2 years of warranty on the engine.

Honda Bikes Price in Nepal (The 2020 list)

Honda Navi

Don’t get fooled by its size! Honda Navi is smaller in size but has some great features for the roads in Nepal. It gives a decent mileage of around 45-50 km/l with a fuel tank of 3.8 liters. Above all, it is the lowest priced Honda bike in Nepal.

Specifications of Navi

Engine Capacity: 109.2 CC  Ground Clearance: 156 mm 
Top Speed: 81 km/h  Gears: NA 
Fuel Tank: 3.8 liters Mileage: 60 km/l 

Honda Navi Price in Nepal: Rs. 1,54,900

Honda Dream Yuga

Talk about simplicity! The decent 109 CC Honda Dream Yuga is another budget bike from Honda. In fact, this bike makes the Honda bikes price list easier for the eyes of consumers in a budget. This commuter bike has a simple look and a max power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm.

Specifications of Honda Dream Yuga

Engine Capacity: 109 CC  Ground Clearance: 156 mm 
Top Speed: 90 km/h  Gears:
Fuel Tank: 8 liters Mileage: 70 km/l 

Honda Dream Yuga Price in Nepal: Rs. 1,70,900

Honda CD 110 Dream DX

Next on the list is Honda CD 110 Dream which comes with a 110 CC engine. The max power this motorcycle gives is 8.31 bhp @ 7500 rpm. Therefore, it is still a pretty decent choice. 

Let’s see what specs it has!

Specifications of Honda CD 110 Dream DX

Engine Capacity: 110 CC  Ground Clearance: 156 mm 
Top Speed: 86 km/h  Gears:
Fuel Tank: 8 liters Mileage: 74 km/l 

Price of Honda CD 110 Dream in Nepal: Rs. 1,84,900

Honda Shine

Quite popular among an older generation of people, Honda Shine is a 125 CC motorcycle. If good performance is what you are looking for in a commuter bike, this bike ‘shines’ the most. 

In fact, it comes with standard HET technology for better mileage and performance. Furthermore, Honda has introduced an expensive version of Shine with CB Shine SP with a 5-speed gearbox. It also has a more modern look!

Specifications of Honda Shine

Engine Capacity: 124.2 CC  Ground Clearance: 162 mm 
Top Speed: 100 km/h  Gears: 4 (5 for Shine SP)
Fuel Tank: 11 liters Mileage: 65 km/l 

Price of Honda CB Shine (Disc) 160 in Nepal: Rs. 2,15,900

Price of Honda CB Shine (Drum) 160 in Nepal: Rs. 2,08,900

Other Variants:

Price of Honda CB Shine SP (Disc) 160 in Nepal: Rs. 2,36,900

Price of Honda CB Shine SP (Drum) 160 in Nepal: Rs. 2,31,900

Honda CB Unicorn 160

The popular Honda CB Unicorn 160 is among the most preferred and low-priced Honda bikes. In fact, the max power of Unicorn is 14.01 bhp @ 8000 rpm. Also, the mileage it provides is quite amazing! 

However, one might debate its simple look and features as compared to its Hornet counterpart. Especially when both are priced at a similar range, it is quite a dilemma.

Specifications of Honda CB Unicorn 160

Engine Capacity: 162.7 CC  Ground Clearance: 162 mm 
Top Speed: 106 km/h  Gears:
Fuel Tank: 8 liters Mileage: 62 km/l 

Price of Honda CB Unicorn 160 in Nepal: Rs. 2,74,900

Price of Honda CB Unicorn 150 (ABS) in Nepal: Rs. 2,59,900

Honda CB Hornet 160R

The Hornet 160R is the most popular 160 CC motorcycle among the youths. It has got the looks, the performance, and above all, the power. If you ask me, in the Honda bikes price list, this one might just be the center of attraction.

Moreover, it comes with ABS and has dominated the market many times. The new CB Hornet is a beauty with features like colors/stickers, hazard lights and most importantly, dual-disc brakes.

Oh! Just one letdown. It doesn’t have the engine killswitch.

Specifications of Honda CB Hornet 160R

Engine Capacity: 162.2 CC  Ground Clearance: 162 mm 
Top Speed: 115 km/h  Gears: 5
Fuel Tank: 12 liters Mileage: 45 km/l 

Honda CB Hornet 160R Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,03,900

Honda XBlade

The recently launched Honda XBlade is a new addition to the 160 CC Honda motorcycles. Moreover, it can be regarded as a sibling of Hornet 160R. 

Basically, Honda has made it difficult to decide which 160 CC motorcycle to choose with the launch of XBlade.

Specifications of Honda XBlade

Engine Capacity: 162.2 CC  Ground Clearance: 162 mm 
Top Speed: 115 km/h  Gears: 5
Fuel Tank: 12 liters Mileage: 45 km/l 

Honda CB Hornet 160R Price in Nepal: Rs. 3,03,900

Honda XR Series

How about some off-road ride? The list gets interesting with the Honda XR Series. There are basically two variants:  XR 150L, and XR 190L. This popular bike is a beast on off-roads. Also, it might just be what you need considering the condition of roads of Kathmandu at present.

The 150L dirt slinger has a max power of 12.14 HP @ 7750 rpm. Meanwhile, its 190L counterpart gives 15.6 HP @ 8500 rpm max power.

Specifications of Honda XR 150L / 190L

Engine Capacity: 150 CC / 184.4 CC Ground Clearance: 245 mm 
Top Speed: 130 kmph / 140 kmph Gears: 5
Fuel Tank: 12 liters Mileage: 40 km/l 

Honda XR 150L Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,84,900

Honda XR 190L Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,94,900

Honda CRF Series

Make way for the king of off-road! The Honda CRF is a dirt beast and comes with extra muscles. Its specs include ABS, powerful engine, Upside-down Shock Absorber, Pro-link Rear Suspension, and Digital Instrument Cluster. However, it has one letdown. The most heard complaint about the CRF 250L is its puny fuel tank.

On the other hand, the CRF 250L Rally is everything you can ask for in an off-road bike. The power, the design, and most importantly, the suspension! However, the expensive price may not excite everyone.

Wait until you hear about the Africa Twin! This beast is equipped with technologies you have never heard of. It’s got G-Switch, Manual Shift Selector, Riding Modes, and Rally-Style Console.

Specifications of Honda CRF 250L / 250L Rally / Africa Twin

Engine Capacity: 249.6 CC Ground Clearance: 211 / 270 / 250 (mm)
Top Speed: 168 / 140 / 125 (kmph) Gears: 6
Fuel Tank: 7.8 L / 10.1 L / 18.8 L Mileage: 21-30 km/l 

Honda CRF 250L Price in Nepal: Rs. 11,25,000

Honda CRF 250L Rally Price in Nepal: Rs. 13,25,000

Honda CRF Africa Twin Price in Nepal: Rs. 25,50,000

Honda CB400SF

Get ready to go old-school! With Honda CB400 SF, Honda is bringing back the retro look of CB400F produced between 1975-1977. The design is, however, directly inspired by the Honda CB1000SF. It was launched in the 2019 NADA Auto Show and immediately managed to wow the crowd. 

With a unique design and powerful engine, it is nothing like anything else. Moreover, the exhaust sound will blow your minds!

Specifications of Honda CB400SF

Engine Capacity: 399 CC Ground Clearance: 130 mm
Top Speed: NA Gears: 6
Fuel Tank: 18 L Mileage: 31 km/l 

Price of Honda CB400SF in Nepal: Rs. 22,75,000

Honda CBR Series

The Honda bikes price list just got a lot better and much premium. Like the CRF series, the CBR falls under the ‘big bikes’ category of Honda bikes. The sporty look of CBR is just amazing! However, it immediately faced serious competition after the launch of KTM. Regardless, it’s classy and sporty look is enough to give you the thrill.

There are three variants of CBR available in Honda Nepal: CBR 250R, CBR 650F, and CBR 600RR

Specifications of Honda CBR 250R / 650F / 600RR

Engine Capacity: 249.6cc / 648.72cc / 599cc  Ground Clearance: 145 / 133 / 135 (mm)
Top Speed: 135 kmph / 265 kmph / NA Gears: 6
Fuel Tank: 13 L / 17.3 L / 18 L Mileage: 30 km/l 

Honda CBR 250R (STD) Price in Nepal: Rs. 6,79,900

Honda CBR 650F Price in Nepal: Rs. 19,99,000

Honda CBR 600RR Price in Nepal: Rs. 31,50,000

Other Variants:

Honda CBR 250R (ABS) Price in Nepal: Rs. 7,78,900

Honda CBR 250R Repsol (STD) Price in Nepal: Rs. 7,23,900

Honda CBR 250R Repsol (ABS) Price in Nepal: Rs. 7,76,900


While Honda has only 15 motorcycles to sell in Nepal, other companies have an upper-hand. Moreover, the Honda bikes price list starts to look smaller when you take out the big bikes. There are still decent selections of high-mileage Honda bikes for budget-conscious consumers.

Commuters bikes such as Dream Yuga and Honda Shine show great potential to satisfy consumer’s needs. The legacy of Honda is definitely unbeatable with years of trust, reliability and high performance. Above all, you get an amazing premium collection of super expensive bikes if you want to level up!

Or, you could just choose a comfortable and common 160cc motorcycle for daily use. But let me tell you this! When it comes to high performance at a reasonable price, Honda tops the choice.


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