Honda Motorcycles Bring Ekrupaiyaa Scheme

May 31, 2020, Kathmandu

During this tough economic crisis, Honda Nepal is coming up with a different scheme post-lockdown to ease the lifestyle of common people.

Saurabh Jyoti, Chairman of Syakar Trading recently spoke about the new offer that they are planning for after the lockdown. The offer provides an option to purchase any Honda motorbike or scooter at a Rupees 1 down payment, Rupees 1 Monthly Installment, and 1% interest rate.

Syakar Trading Pvt Ltd, the authorized dealer of Honda 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers came with a new slogan for the campaign.

The slogan reads: जस्तो परिस्थितिमा पनि HONDA सधैं, तपाई संगै”

However, the rupees 1 campaign has 4 different options.

Option 1: Rs 1 Down Payment

The first option in the lockdown offer 2020 is the option to purchase any Honda scooter or motorcycle at Rs 1 down payment. The remaining amount of the vehicle can be paid at a maximum tenure of 3 years.

Meanwhile, if you seek this option, you need to make advance payments for insurance and ownership transfer. Also, if you make timely payments, the interest rate is also only 13% per annum!

Option 2: Rs 1 EMI

In the second option, you can purchase a Honda 2 wheeler at Rs 1 EMI (Equal Monthly Installment). How can you do that? There are 4 ways of doing so.

Firstly, you can make a down payment of 40% and then pay Rs. 1 EMI for the first 3 months. After those 3 months, you will have to pay a regular EMI. In this scheme, you get an interest rate of 16%.

Secondly, you have another option where you can make a down payment of 50% and you can pay Rs. 1 EMI for 6 months. Then, you can pay the remaining amount on a regular EMI.

Thirdly, you can purchase Honda vehicles for a 60% down payment and benefit with 9 months of EMI at Rs 1.

And fourthly, you can enjoy a relaxed Rs. 1 EMI for 1 year at a down payment of 70%.

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Option 3: 1% Interest Rate in Loan

The third option is about getting a loan from the Syakar’s Finances at just 1% interest rate. However, this facility is only for purchasing Honda 2 Wheelers. Similarly, you will require making a down payment of 60% to enable this 1% interest rate.

Option 4: 20% Down Payment

Syakar Trading’s fourth option is where you can choose any models of above payments starting a down payment at 20% and a maximum EMI period of 3 years.

To sum up, all the options have great flexibility to make payments in a relaxed way. This is a great initiative by the Chairman of Syakar Trading, Saurabh Jyoti. You can find him and his collection of Marvel Action Figures and Luxury Motorbikes at his Instagram handle here.


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