Houses Are Not Safe For Living

Due to the earthquake and its aftershocks time and again 49% of houses in Kathmandu are in a dangerous situation for living in. And 20% of houses are not qualified for staying. Big house, Apartments, Hospitals, Housing, and normal Houses also have been partially damaged. Nepal Engineering association has studied 30 thousand houses in the valley after the quake in Baisakh 12.

The Association has studied 14 thousand 1 hundred and 66 house in Kathmandu, 8 thousand 1 hundred and 12 in Lalitpur and 7 thousand 1 hundred and 50 in Bhaktapur. Among the houses studied by the technical team of engineering association in the valley, 20% of houses are not qualified for settlement.

Similarly, according to the study done by the technical team in the valley 29% of the houses are to be used with care and with alert. Also due to the earthquake and its aftershocks in Baisakh 12, many houses have become difficult to be settled in. Chief of the Association also told how the study shows the mistakes with building the houses and problems created due to it.

Also, the study done by them shows that many of the houses have not been made with much care and safety in mind. And thus this kind of problems are being faced. So we have to learn from our mistakes and thus we can be safe for the future.