Deerwalk Social Welfare Network And Its Humanitarian Act

Baisakh 12,2072 was considered to be the black day of Nepal as it made this beautiful city torn apart into pieces. Well not entirely but the disaster that was never experienced by most of the people was back again with its devastating effects. Our temples, our heritage were just left among the pieces of woods and bricks also affecting the lives of people that were living a beautiful and peaceful life. Thousands of life were gone, and thousands were living a painful experience with significant to minor injuries.

After the disaster, organizations that were always there for the welfare of people had started their humanitarian act by every possible role they could play in uplifting people and country. The motto was let rise together helping each other. And one of the organizations that never got tired of helping people not just during this disaster but from a long time ago was Deerwalk Social Welfare Network.

Deerwalk Social Welfare Network (DWSWN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of communities in Nepal. Deerwalk Social Welfare Network has been working in many sectors that align with its core beliefs including education, healthcare, tourism, sustainable development, agriculture, gender, and sanitation. Deerwalk Social Welfare Network’s parent Company, Deerwalk Inc. allocates a fund of NPR 50,000+ for purposes that align with the vision of promoting an equitable and prosperous society.

This organization has been reaching out to people every day since 26th April 2015. The first day they reached out to people and have surveyed the affected houses. The second day they called in the people of affected homes and distributed some cash as a relief. The third day they reached out to people in sankhu as the place was much influenced by the disaster. Their generous act didn’t even stop them from going to places that were full of risk from the damage.

Their generous act doesn’t stop here. Next day, i.e., the fourth day they reached out to the people who were camping with enough supply of water which made people praise them for their actions. The fifth day was the day for cleaning the debris of the temples and heritages and arranging them so that they can be used in the future to rebuild our heritage. They worked with the department of archeology to volunteer in the process.

Day six was the day when an employee of Deerwalk, Sushma Pant visited shading with relief fund for the people who have lost their family. Even though money is not a replacement but the relief can be helpful to people who have been through a tough time losing their family members.

DWSWN coordinated with Remote Area Medical to provide 18+ medical professional from united states. However, the survey was done on day seven before bringing out their team. Day eight completed by collecting the information about the need for food and providing water and meals to the needy people.

And thus DWSWN has been continuing its humanitarian works by providing relief materials that include tarpaulins, food, water, etc. to the needy people. They have been to most of the affected places in the country. Our country and people salute such organizations and volunteers who have worked so hard. This kind of works has restored faith in humanity, and we wish the best future of such humanitarian organization.