Mahabir Pun Pledges 28 ropanies of land for National Innovation Center. The name itself is sufficient to describe, who is Mahabir Pun and what remarkable contribution he had given for the national development. He is one of the brightest stars among thousands of, to enlighten the remote areas on wireless internet and many more. Beside this, there are many unforgettable contributions he had given for the wellness of his homeland. Now he is planning to pledges 28 ropanies of his land for the dream project of National Innovation Center.

Being a social entrepreneur, he is planning to raise funds for the establishment of his dream project, National Innovation Center and has also announced through social media, Facebook that he would donate 28 ropanies of his land, located at Thulakot Danda, kaski for the project.

He further told that the land was bought 20 years ago with Padam Ram of Banbare and now it is worth Rs 30 million.

While purchasing the land, both agreed to use this land for the benefit of communities. But now Rai is in America and he had transferred the land ownership to his name so considering and remembering these things, he is now planning to donate the land for the project. Beside he had also posted the land ownership certificate in his Facebook account.

He said “‘This land is all I have in the name of property and I am donating it. I will dedicate the rest of my life (too) for national development.”. He further added that if need arises for the physical infrastructure of the centre, he would even ready to donate the last piece of his land for the construction purpose.

Beside this, he has also huge expectation from the government site to establish his dream project, National Innovation Center. So the governments need to motivate such social entrepreneur and other broad minded thoughts are also needed to accomplish his dream project. So let’s help him for his dream project.

If we don’t start today then we would be no where in the future. So let’s do it. National building is our goal and we have to collaborate for its promotion. So love Nepal and breathe like Nepali.