Things You Should Know Before Buying IPhone

Although I phone is taken as the best product but there are many things you need to know before buying any iPhone products. So that your investment would be saved and you need not have to bother later. That’s why I am excited to share some ideas on “basic things to know before buying an iPhone”.  Here, I would mention some of the information that would really help you to feel secure before buying an I phone.

1. All the iPod accessories and headphones will not work with the iPhone. Always check your products before you buy. If you have got an L-shaped plug or a flat plug, you are out of luck. For this, you need to buy an adapter to get some of your regular headphones to work with the iPhone.
2. There is no video recording or MMS.
The iPhone’s 2-megapixel camera is useful if there is sufficient light, but there is no video recording camera at all. Since the video playback capabilities are so good in the iPod, so they don’t expect to make videos with this thing. Therefore you can’t make any video recording or MMS with iPhone.
3. It is not for business use.
The keyboard is different than BlackBerry, and there is no push email expect for Yahoo Mail.
4. AT and T is evil.
This is the company forcing customers to buy accessories of the iPhone, to sell their products.
5. No instant Messaging.
There is no IM app found anywhere although the SMS app may look great with its iChat-esque bubbles.
6. There is no GPS.
There is no actually GPS to show turn by turn driving directions. You need to tell the iPhone when you are turning, so you have to find your location by yourself.
7. Slow data connection.
I phone both EDGE and WiFi connection facilities. But mostly you would be using EDGE because if you are on WiFi, you would be at home or work. But, when you are driving or walking somewhere, you would be on EDGE. If you are on Edge, expect emails with large attachments and Web Pages downloading would be very slow.

There are also many things you need to know before buying any iPhone products. If you are looking for something more, your comment would be appreciated.