How can you remove shortcut virus permanently from your PC

Shortcut virus is merely a virus or a malware that hides your original files inside the shortcuts. Initially, Shortcut virus does not harm your data; however any longer run it makes them corrupt or even delete all of the data. It all depends on the kinds of infection. So, removing the shortcut virus is crucial for getting your files back. Depending on its effects it is mainly classified into three types

  1. Drive Shortcut virus
  2. Folder Shortcut virus
  3. File Shortcut virus

The user can remove those shortcut viruses permanently from PC by following those methods.

1. Remove Shortcut virus from CMD

  1. Right Click on Start and select Command Prompt by admin. Sign in with administrator account if necessary.
  2. Type E: and hit Enter. (Replace E: with a letter of a device where the virus file exist)
  3. Type attrib on CMD and press Enter.
  4. Type del autorun.inf and press Enter.
  5. If by any means you are infected by other viruses replace autorun.inf with other virus extensions such as *.ink, *.exe to delete those suspicious files.

2.Cleanup shortcut virus with Antivirus

The user can install the anti-virus software to clean up all the shortcut virus from the Personal Computers or even from the USB etc. external devices. Below are some of the best lists of anti-virus and tools the user can try on:

  1. Trojan Removal Tool
  2. Shortcut virus fix folder
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc.

3.Delete or Wipe Shortcut Virus from the Registry

  1. Press Win + R and type regedit to enter the registry settings.
  2. Click towards HKEY_CURRENT_USER and click on software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Click Run
  3. Press Win + R and type the msconfig and click OK.
  4. After the completion of the above process uncheck everything except for the anti-virus software in a startup.
  5. Click OK and Restart the PC.

After removing the Shortcut virus from the PC, the user still has one last thing to do which is to restore lost data due to shortcut virus infection. If the user has appropriately followed Step 1 to remove and delete shortcut virus by CMD, the user shall be able to get all data back.

Step1: Run the EaseUS Data recovery and select the location where the user has lost their files after removing the shortcut virus. Click Scan on EaseUS Data recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Step2: This data recovery will Quick Scan as well as Deep Scan to find all lost data and files.

data recovery will Quick Scan as well as Deep Scan

Step3: Restore lost files and data after preview. The user can preview to see whether it has to find lost data or not. If it finds lost files, then click Activate to purchase a license and finally click Recover.

click Activate to acquire a license and finally click Recover


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