The Google Home is a brand of smart speakers which is developed by Google. This first device first announced in May 2016. And later in November 2016 was released in the United States. More than, it globally published in 2017. Google home speakers enable the users to speak voice commands to interact with Googles intelligent personal assistant. And it is called Google Assistant. Likewise, Google Home helps to keep the users organized and control your smart home and also for entertaining the kids.

Google Home

One of the primary skills of Google Home is home automation. And it enables the user to control a variety of home devices with the user’s voice. Some of them are Samsung SmartThings products, Philips Hue lights, Nest and many more. Something straightforward as “Turn on the heat” can warm the house. It is also very significant at answering questions, setting timers and even playing music. To get most out of home-automation functionality, the user needs some smart home technology to control. Some of the best intelligent home gadgets that work on the Google Assistant are:

  1. iHome ISP100

It is designed to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and hail. It also works with Alexa, Nest, and Wink.

  1. JBL Link20

It also has a balanced audio, long battery life and water resistant.

  1. August Smart Lock Pro

It helps in locking as well as for unlocking the door of the house. Ask for it, and you will know the answer.

  1. Anova Precision Cooker

It helps the user to cook the foods. With this, the user will also be able to start a sous-vide cooking session, raise and lower the temperature and many more.

  1. Philips Hue Lights

Starter set includes a hub and three White and color Ambiance lights which is very much versatile since it supports various colors and colors temperatures.

Google has also added a bunch of new games and activities to the Google Assistant as a way of keeping the kids entertained. It includes more than 50 new games, events, and stories. And it also includes Disney-themed games, original children tales, musical chairs and many more.

Likewise, it will also work on Android phones and even on the Google Home. Google has also added voice identification for children. Furthermore, Google says that the Assistant is now very much better at recognizing children voices. To have this, children’s will need a family Link account with around google accounts for kids under 13 that allow for parental supervision.

Similarly, it also can tell jokes which have turned out to be a great way to keep kids entertained. This new feature sounded like a new addition for everyone who has young kids.


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