Happy Mothers Day

10th May 2021, Kathmandu

Why the word itself is soo sweet and so dear? There are no words made till now to describe you. You kept me for nine months in your stomach for giving me a beautiful life. I started troubling you since that time but also why do you love me so much and nobody loves me as you do? Why you see good in me although I will be the worst sometimes. Why you forgive me for all the faults although it has hurt you several times? Why do you love me soo much my mom?

A touch from you makes me forget all the pains. Asleep in your lap makes me feel experience heaven. Your love and affections can never be replaced and never be forgotten my dearest mom. Wherever I go, whenever I am far from you, your remembrance kills me hard. You did lots of hard work and struggles for my raising. I gave you so much pain and makes you soo irritate but also why aren’t you fed up with me? How can you love me so much, my mom? How can I thank you for all the love and favors you have done for me? There are no words to praise you.

You understand my mood from my way of speaking. You understand my pain from my facial expressions. You always make me full although you are empty. How can you love me so much, my dear mom? Whatever good or bad happens the first thing that comes to my mind is you, my mom. You are always there whenever I need you. For the whole world, you may be a Mother but for me, you are my whole world. You are my supermom. You make my world beautiful, just with your smile.

A Mothers Day is not sufficient for you to thank you but on the occasion of this special day, Mothers Day, I want to thank you for being my Mother. I want you to know that I am nothing without you but I can be everything with you by my side. My life is incomplete without you. I always pray to god, May you live long, May you always be with me. I love you more than my life. Nobody can take your place but you can take the place of all others. May your life be filled with all the happiness and joys. Thank you soo much for the best things in life.



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