How Google’s New Patent Is Perfect Solution ?

How Google’s New Patent is Perfect Solution To Prevent Phones from Dropping?

Google’s new patent has come up with an innovative design to prevent dropping of mobile phones. The model suggests of including a housing that consists of ridges which ensures a firm grip of the user on the phone. Hence, preventing it from dropping.

No matter how hard we try, we all have dropped our phones at some point of time or the other. Haven’t we? What’s worse is this is followed by a series of disasters in terms of expenses of repairing it and distorted looks. This is probably owing to the smooth and slippery rectangular shape of our mobile phones. Google has just submitted a patent of the design of phone which prevents users from dropping it.

This rather smart but straightforward design approach by Google includes housing for smartphones that provides for ridges, or grips where a user’s fingers can be placed to enhance one’s hold on the phone. Probably, it will also stand out to be an effective way of quickly neutralizing sweat and moisture from hand, so that the phone can be prevented from sliding or slipping away from the sides.

Google notes in the patent filing:

 “Despite the significant advances in handheld electronic devices, the physical form of these devices has seen little evolution. Most are shaped like a more or less smooth brick with an increasingly smooth front, back, and side surfaces. This configuration can easily slip from the hand of the user, and risk damaging the phone with the potential loss of valuable data as well as hardware.”

One might as well recall the patent by Apple which suggested an innovative approach of use jets of air or an electric ion propulsion system in iPhones to cushion the impact of dropping it. But it seems like Google believes in “Prevention is better than cure.”

Google’s new patent could prove to be a highly effective way to protect the delicate circuitry of your phone even though it comes at the cost of not-so-stylish looks for your phone. But well, a less stylish phone would look better than a broken one! Also, it adds to saving a lot of money that we spent on its repair!