Innovation in “Social Media” is an arduous element to address, and the will to undertake it can arise from various factors from trying to showcase something new or attempts to keep up with competitors. Innovation is essential as it is one of the critical strategies to differentiate our product from the competition.

An excellent potential has revealed amongst us in our very grounds and is being favored by every people who have come across it. The key to success is definitely to know your audience. “Sagoon”, a new and really interesting platform developed by our own Nepali folks which helps you establish a deeper connection to your close and loved ones, sharing your secrets, organizing daily routines and the icing on the cake is your shared secrets stay safe as its protected and self destructs after being read by the people you want. Usually, people strive to stay in touch with their friends and family via phone calls or e-mail, but each being occupied in their own lives it’s difficult to maintain contact. However, “Sagoon” lets you eliminate the complications and creates an ambiance where people can learn of their friend’s recent actions and daily plans. For example, this is a great opportunity for parents who are always busy with their works and business who can’t afford to spare time to take care of their own. We know that everyone needs love and how much of a difference communicating makes so family members must always be on the circle and this is where “Sagoon” comes in.

Social network communication provides an advantage to individuals who are adherent to the online world. Their focal point enhances their social aptitudes and to stay joined with companions or family regardless of where they are. Without long range interpersonal communication destinations, life would be silly because you would be independent of anyone else. The measures “Sagoon” is taking to achieve their goals is huge and alarming but the way they are gaining popularity among Nepalese market its matter of time that people all around start using it like any other mainstream social media.

Why is Sagoon best for Nepalese people?

Everywhere in the world, most developing countries are affected by international business more than anticipated. The world the share of international trade in world economic activity has doubled since then of 1945. Getting out our facts straight we can conclude its tougher now to gain access to our domestic market because international business creates a big challenge. To uplift our own making in progress, we need to show our support and try to help them in the best way just by using “Sagoon.” The reason isn’t based on just trying to gladden the network, but also it’s plausible to say it’s an innovative idea that’s come forward amid us which should be more than satisfactory to start with. There are various valid reasons and benefit in using our media such as it’s easy for “Sagoon” to get information about customer needs and wants, have proper vision on aspects of improving or bettering what they have. Thus, “Sagoon” really is the app every Nepali should be looking up to now.