How Many Software Companies Are In Nepal?

Software & BPO Committee of the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal is looking to collect information on software companies in Nepal through a survey. The committee believes that this survey can help us understand the various companies operating in our country, the service they provide and will also provide information on their existence and previous works. This will also help individuals in the ICT field to search for more significant opportunities for future collaboration with companies that are working/researching in the same area.

As of now, not much research has been done about the software development companies in Nepal. The major objective of this survey will be to gain proper knowledge about the current scenario of the IT industry in Nepal.

Software and BPO Committee of Federation of Computer Association of Nepal is initiating a quick survey to collect information of the industry to figure out the answers to the following questions:

  1. How many Software/ICT Companies are there in Nepal?
    2. What areas/technologies they work with?
    3. What are their team size and strength?
    4. Contact Information, URL, FB/ LinkedIn Profile Page
    5. Problems the companies facing

More about the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal:

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) was established in the year 1992 and later formally registered as CAN Federation in the year 2015. The organization is formed with the involvement of several professionals, specialists, institutions, and organization in the ICT field of Nepal. CAN is a non-political, nonpartisan, nonprofitable and service-oriented sector in ICT.