An Exclusive Interview with  Principal of Aryan School of Engineering, Er. Bikash Pokhrel about How to Choose the Right College or University and also talks about Aryan School of engineering.

As an increase in Science and Technology, the world has turned as a global village, and the lifestyle of people has been changed. Not only this, but Eye-catching development in the world is also only possible with the enhancement of IT. So Aryan School of Engineering has taken its responsibility to conduct IT courses in Nepal and to promote IT in the field of software development and to enhance the living standard of people.

Aryan School of Engineering is one of the top-most ever growing Purbanchal University affiliated college in Nepal. It was established in 2010 and right from its establishment; it has been conducting lots of IT-related programs to bring all leveled academic students in the field of IT through BCA and BIT courses. Not only this, B.E Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Information, Bachelor in Computer, etc. are the essential courses conducted by ASE in the field of IT.

Besides, Principal of Aryan School of Engineering, Er. Bikash Pokhrel told that they are the one who always dedicated to promoting their students’ both academic as well as market-oriented environment to build up to them as professional. So they interact with many IT companies to conduct internship courses and to create Job for their students. Besides most of the lectures are also from various IT companies, so it is also possible for students to know about the current trend in the IT market globally being in College as well. Furthermore, he added that he spent around ten years in the field of IT, so the academic environment is very sound in Aryan School of Engineering since the maintenance part of the school is very strong.

Besides, they have well-furnished classrooms, Audio Visual Training Aids, Workshops for demonstrating the functions of several instruments, and for the physical development of students, they have a good playground for basketball, table tennis, badminton court, football, etc. Similarly, Time to time basis, they also conduct outdoor activities to make their students familiar with the tech industries and to realize them, their market value being IT professionals.

For all these reasons, Aryan School of Engineering is the most interested school among the students to shape their carrier in the field of IT.