From 26th October 2016 to 30th October 2016 IT-Training Nepal (ITN) is going to conduct Penetration Testing Training in Nepal. Within these five days, training courses you learn about penetration testing in detail.  So hurry up to grab this opportunity.

Now the importance of the security is rapidly increasing day by day, in case of network it is the most crucial, so the concept of penetration testing training has been developed. Here, the objectives of the CEH are completely covered along with topics like Kali Linux and Pen Testing Standards like NSA IAM, PCI, NIST 800-115, NIST 800-53 A, etc.

Not only this, Google Hacking and Use of ShodanHQ are also covered. Besides, students are also prepared to pass the professional penetration tester certification test, i.e.,

Here students learn on the basis of these topics:

  1. Penetration testing standards
  2. NSA IAM
  3. PCI
  4. NIST 800-115
  5. NIST 800-53 A
  6. Scanning
  7. Details of scan types
  8. Very detailed on map
  9. Detailed on shodanhq
  10. Detailed on ‘Google Hacking’
  11. OS enumeration
  12. Account enumeration
  13. tcpdump
  14. Windows hacking
  15. Detailed use of net and netsh
  16. Coverage of Windows passwords
  17. Common Windows hacking techniques
  18. Malware creation
  19. Using terabit
  20. Using elite wrap
  21. Batch viruses
  22. Powershell viruses
  23. Netcat as a reverse shell/trojan
  24. Linux/Kali
  25. Basic Linux
  26. Use of Vega
  27. Use of Recon-ng
  28. Use of Dmitry
  29. Other tools at class request or instructor’s discretion
  30. Crypto
  31. Basic overview
  32. Windows NTLM
  33. Pass the hash
  34. Hashing
  35. Rainbow tables
  36. Password cracking
  37. Web hacking
  38. SQL Injection in detail
  39. Cross-site scripting (including necessary JavaScript)

Students will also have hands-on labs where they will learn to:

  1. Create basic malware
  2. Use shodanhq effectively
  3. Use map effectively
  4. Use Kali Linux effectively
  5. Do SQL injection
  6. Do cross-site scripting

 So come forward and do some learning task on penetration testing courses to secure our network security.