Video Calls On Your TV
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2nd September 2020, Kathmandu

Every millennial and Gen-Z is exploring options for a better video calling experience. The recent coronavirus outbreak has led to an unforeseen work-from-home situation for everyone.

Video meets are not the right blends during these times when the only connection to the outer world is via calls. Moreover, when you need to connect with your while this is the one, catching up with family and friends is a challenging task while holding phones and tablets. Video calls last for a few hours to talk your heart out with friends or discuss a severe project with your office peers; this results in an impact on your eyes and body posture if you use a phone. Hence, a change to a larger screen is essential in difficult times.

So here is the solution to all your video calling issues. You can call your family and hold a meeting with the use of your television set. In this article, we will make familiar with the available options for video getting from your television sets.

You can now call your family using the television set, moreover, attend meetings with the utmost convenience by sitting on your couch. Read through to know the available options for video calling from your television sets.

Smart TV with integrated or in-built camera

Exclusive and the trending option for a swift switch is a Smart TV. There is no necessity of a third-party device to get your smart tv video calling started. These elegant television sets offer inbuilt applications for video calling like Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Whatsapp, and a few more. Set up the camera, relax on your daybed, and reunite with your loved ones and enjoy the enriched streaming experience that the smart TV offers.

Brands like Sony, Panasonic, LG, and TCL offer some of the best smart TVs in the market. You can do your needful research and choose the best that suits your needs.


Many smart TVs do not have a camera, and hence, video calling is not supported. If you do not have one, you can buy a webcam suitable for your tv and kick-start your video calling process.

Moreover, you will need to download the video calling applications on your TV once the webcam is conveniently set up. Just ensure you choose the right driver for the webcam. Make sure you set it up the right angle and frame, to avoid future hassles.

Android Smart Box

Convert your nonsmart Television into a smart one with an android box. This is the most economical way to make video calls on your TV. The package comes with USB connectivity, and you can connect it to your TV and access all the features of Android OS.

You have complete access to the Play Store, download your preferred video calling app for an evolutionary calling experience.


The only alternative is available for Apple users to start video calling on the TV. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple device, you can buy the Airplay box and connect it to your TV. You can also make a video Skype call on your HDTV with AirPlay Mirroring. Just download an Air-Play compatible app and follow the manual instructions.

Apple does not offer any other operating system that can convert your TV into a smart one; hence, hop on this option and avail all the features available.

MHL Adapter (Mobile High Definition Link)

This is the best method to mirror your video calls to your TV. Most of the MHL cables cost less than a thousand bucks. But before you buy this, make sure your TV supports it and is compatible with MHL mirroring.

You can connect the device and your Tv, turn on both the tools and play music, watch movies and start video calling your office colleagues or link to your family members.

To understand how to connect the MHL cable to your Tv, you can refer to the MHL device manual or on the company’s official website.

Amazon Fire Stick

The most popular option to convert your nonsmart Tv into a smart one without any hassles and complicated processes. Amazon Fire Stick gives you get to a wide range of video calling applications with incredible performance. Here are steps to cast Youtube videos on TV using Fire Stick.

You will need to purchase a web camera to start a video call. Once you have the Fire Stick and your web camera installed, all you have to do now is install your preferred calling app, and you are sorted for good.

Xbox One

Like many of us did not know, we can video call using the Xbox One. The recent Google update allows downloading and calling on any video calling platform.

A few other gaming consoles also offer video calling. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are a few of them but come with their respective terms and conditions.

What do you think about the idea of switching all your video calls to your TV?

We hope our recommendations have been fruitful to assist you in your purchase decision. We understand how valuable it is for you to get a reliable overview. We, however, assure you that this won’t end up in any dissonance.

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