How To Online Recharge Using The Nepal Telecom Recharge Card ?

Nepal Telecom is one of the largest Nepal Government’s customer served organization. And it is established to provide a mass of communication throughout the world. As a concern of customer’s flexibility and easiness, Nepal Telecom has introduced an online recharge facility to end the barrier of staying in a long line. Using NT Recharge Card, anyone can get access to NT services like GSM, ADSL, WiMAX, IPCDMA, CDMA, and PSTN.

This service is excellent, so it is welcomed by every customer throughout the country. They even don’t have to stay on a long line just for transferring the balance on their SIM. Just staying at home, they can quickly move money in SIM. For this, you need to buy an NT recharge card which is readily available in the market. Then go to Nepal Telecom online recharge official site: Then after all the things are in your hand. You need to follow these mentioned instructions as:

  1. At first scratch the shaded area of the Re-charge carefully.
  2. Then select your subscriber type among the radio button list.
  3. Then after entering your Mobile (GSM, CDMA) or WiMAX or Landline No or ADSL no in a subscriber no input box.
  4. Enter Pin No in a Re-charge Pin Box.
  5. Read the text in the image and Write in the Text Box.
  6. Click the Recharge button.
  7. Do not close the web page until the Response is displayed.

You can also put your query on the data usage of the NT Services online. For the selection of the volume go to and follow the instructions as mentioned below:

  1. At first enter your Mobile (GSM, CDMA) or WiMAX no in a Mobile No on the input box.
  2. Then enter your PUK NO in a PUK NO box.
  3. Then after reading the text in the image and input it in Text Box
  4. Finally, click the Query
  5. One important thing does not close the Web page until the reply is seen

I think you know now, how to recharge NTC through online. If you need any further information about this article, put your comment.