Tax Online in Nepal

9 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Taxes of the Inland Revenue Office can be paid from the E-Sewa service, freed from the hassle of queuing

Taxpayers can file (pay) from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Revenue Service. From now on, taxpayers can pay VAT, property tax, business tax, and other service charges of any revenue office under the Inland Revenue Department through E-Sewa.

With the availability of this service in E-Sewa, the hassle of going to the revenue office and waiting in a long line has been eliminated.

Taxpayers with an e-sewa account can easily pay tax from home while those without an e-sewa account can pay tax from the nearby e-sewa zone and Isewa point.

Chief Executive Officer of E-SEWA, Subhas Sapkota, said,

“The government aims to make all public sector payments cashless(digital payments) in its policies and programs.”

In this regard, we have launched a cashless campaign by linking the payments of all government offices through digital payments. We have reached the point where we can pay taxes from any corner of the country through our nationwide agent network.

Although the service is currently only available on the web version of the service, the company says it will add a facility to pay directly from mobile in the near future.

How to pay through E-Sewa?

To pay taxes through E-Sewa, first of all, you have to go to the website of the Inland Revenue Office.

Then go to the taxpayer portal and click on the General on the left and click on Taxpayer Login.

Then you have to enter your permanent account number and password and click on the payment voucher.

Then you have to keep Everest Bank in the bank where the money is deposited and you have to mention the type of tax you want to pay, the revenue title, and the amount of tax.

After doing so, select the financial year and click on Generate Transaction Code. After typing the transaction code, you have to click on Isewa and open Isewa’s website.

Then click on Financial Comptroller General Office.

Then the tax can be paid by mentioning the transaction code and the amount you have collected.

Once you have made the payment, it can be viewed on the website of the Revenue Office, and after the payment; it will be seen as Complete.


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