Step by Step Guide on How to Pin Comments on Instagram

12th July 2020, Kathmandu

Every time Instagram comes up with a new feature, we explode with excitement! Welcome to the world of Instagram. Recently, this photo-sharing app has allowed a new feature, “pin comments”. We have prepared a step by step guide on how to pin comments on Instagram right here for you!

Are you excited to learn how to do that?

Let’s start!

How to Pin Comments on Instagram Posts 2020

  1. Go to the Instagram app and head to your profile.
  2. Choose a post from your feed, and tap to the comments
  3. Now, tap a comment you want to pin and show at the top.
  4. When you tap your selected comment, you will see a few options.
  5. Tap on the Pin Icon to pin your comment on the top.
  6. Similarly, you can pin up to 3 comments in one post.
Comments on Instagram Posts
Source: Instagram

In case you change your mind and need to unpin a pinned comment, here are the steps!

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How to Unpin Comments on Instagram Posts

  1. Go to a post with pinned comments.
  2. Select a pinned comment. You will see a few options.
  3. Tap the Pin Icon and confirm to unpin the comment.

There, all simple little steps to pin and unpin comments on Instagram posts!

Now you know how the feature works but have you wondered why the feature exists?

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The Purpose of Pinning Comments on Instagram Posts

The purpose of this pin feature is to help users highlight positive replies and control over abusive ones!

Instagram began as a fun app but since everyone is using it, its influence has grown.

We have seen a lot of abusive comments and content over social sites that affect the lives of innocent people. Keeping this in mind, Instagram is always trying to combat such violence and offense.

With this new pin feature, a user can allow good and light-hearted comments at the top so other users only see those comments.

On the other hand, the abusive comments go to the bottom.

This way, when people scroll a post, they will only see the good comments or favorite ones, which help to demotivate abusive comments.

If you take a good look at all the social sites, you will realize that Instagram is probably the most coordinated site of them all. If you comment on something harmful, hurtful, or abusive, those comments automatically get deleted.

How is that?

Instagram has its automatic bots that scan for such immoral keywords and comments and delete them when they find them.

Is that not something pretty and scary at the same time?

Final Say

We believe Instagram is a growing influence. Today, kids of thirteen years use this app.

Yes, there is a lot of exploring one can do on Instagram and learn remarkable new things but at the same time; there is a lot of negativity as well.

In an open platform, users are seen posting vulgar posts and making abusive comments on one another. Trolling and making racist jokes aren’t new to any digital platform.

When people see these negative sides of the world, it impacts their lives in a wrong way.

Instagram is doing what it can to prevent wrongful impact and also maintain the freedom to post and comment.

When you become a bigger influence on the world, you do have certain responsibilities too. Instagram is that bigger influence now!

Maybe Uncle Ben was right after all. With great power comes great responsibilities!

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