How To Record Phone Calls On Your Android or iPhone ?

There are instances when you need to record a phone call for future use, be it for sentimental reasons or professional reasons. The sad thing is not all Android, nor iOS devices have the in-built facility of recording the phone call.

Without the build in option to record the incoming and outgoing phone calls, there are a few other options that can be used. However, not all countries have the law that allows recording a call, so first understanding of the law is a must before you start recording calls. It’s a better option to ask for the consent or at least alerts the other party while registering the call.

Using another device:

The simplest way to record is by using another method. On Android, voice recorder, and iOS devices, an app named voice memo allows the recording of sound. You can quickly put your phone on speaker and record the phone call from both sides. However, other noises are going to affect the disk, and a third device is a must with this method.

Using Google Voice

An app named Google voice, which is a Google app that allows Wi-Fi calling. Only incoming calls can be recorded via the app.

Install the app from the play store/app store and find a settings menu. Select calls and then change the setting to incoming call settings. Once this option is selected, an active incoming call can be recorded by pressing the digit four on your number pad. A voice notification will alert both sides that a recording is going to start. The disadvantage of this method is that not all countries support Google Voice, so the functionality of Google Voice will depend on where you intend to record a call.

Using other call recorder app

If you feel like using other applications instead of Google Voice, there are many call recorder apps that you can use as an alternative. Some of these apps are free, while a few require payment. The free ones can be trusted, however, might have security issues while recording a call. So, it is suggested that you should research these applications before using them instantly.

The top-rated apps to record a voice call are:

  • Call Recorder – for Android devices
  • Call Recorder Lite – for iOS devices

Other applications are available in the App store and Play store. However, we suggest you check for proper ratings, reviews, and research the form before using it.


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