Give me a chance to be straightforward. As you complete your high school or bachelor in Nepal, you’re compelled to locate a ‘genuine’ job. Individuals think whether you don’t land a position for a job, your life is screwed. I’ve constantly preferred not to work under another person’s order, uncommonly dealing with things you don’t like.

You can do ANYTHING you need — anything like earning money. Yes, that is correct. You can make money through blogging. I learned about blogging about eight years ago. I started blogging because the idea of sharing the knowledge you have with people amazed me in a way that it turned in my passion. Even then, I had no idea I could make money off the internet.

Before we start anything, you need to keep this in mind: Do not start blogging for the single purpose of earning money, because you will no succeed. Why do you ask?

Blogging is not a short-term thing. With blogging, you’ll not earn money in a matter of days. It might take more than one month or even a year to make decent money off blogging. The reason people fail is that they expect to get the results in less time than they expected.

In blogging, the most important thing is passion and patient.

However, writing content is not enough. When you start blogging, you must also have some knowledge in search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is an important thing to consider since search engine drives you the organic traffic. You must find things like optimising a blog, link building, outreach and so on.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a considerable source of income if you play your games right. But, how affiliate marketing works precisely?

If you create your very own product, then you can make money by selling it, correct?

But the problem is, not all people have products to sell on the blogs. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. You help other sellers market their products and get a small commission rate for every product you sell for them.

You might be thinking that selling other’s product is difficult, so why shouldn’t I advertise on my blog instead? Advertising on the blog would also make a decent amount of money, wouldn’t it?

Well, I’ll have to disagree since affiliate marketing is way more profitable for long-term blogging than running ads on your blog.

Before you think to become an affiliate, you need to research on the niche, the seller of the product and study the keyword for that particular product.

Buy Sell Ads

 Buy Sell Ads (BSA) is an online marketplace for advertisers and publishers where people can list their blog so advertisers can purchase ads for their product.

One of the things I like about BSA is that you don’t have to deal with advertisers to put ads on your blog because BSA handles it all. ‘How much can I earn’, you ask?

I used to have page views of around 500K a month, and I was making $400 from BSA alone.

Here’s an important tip: Make sure you get at least 15K views each month in your website because BSA usually checks your views stats before approving your site.


 Google-Adsense is one of the most popular advertising platforms that helps your blog server advertisements to the target audience.

You can earn passive income from Adsense if you have a decent amount of traffic each month. Additionally, Google Adsense advertisement does not have much value if you get the majority of visitors from countries like Nepal.

In case if you’re in profitable niches like insurance and forex, then Adsense can be precious. But there’s enormous competition for these kinds of slots.

To be accepted for Adsense, you need to have high-quality content and must have good traffic sources. It’s because you aren’t going to make any money without traffic.

However, what I like about Adsense is that its ads are highly targeted, unlike another advertising platform. Google tracks users for their search queries and serves ads to your visitors according to their search terms.

Freelancer Blogger

Freelancer blogging is the way of earning money by blogging on other’s blogs. One best thing about freelancer blogging is that you don’t necessarily need to have your blog.

But, how do you earn money as a freelance blogger?

Short answer: You sell your skills.

You must be thinking what kind of skills should you sell to others? Well, there are to things to consider:

  1. How long it takes to learn the skills?
  2. Is that skill in demand in the market?

If you answered to these two questions “Yes”, you should start being a freelance writer. The world needs you. Here, you need the writing skills.

Majority of favourite blogs pay you to write content for their site. It’s not because they don’t have additional writers, but because they expect you have your unique experience to share in your field or a story to tell in the form of an article. Either way, they pay for your content.


 It takes time to establish a blog that gets decent traffic, but ultimately it pays off. There are hundreds of people in Nepal who work full-time online and make money from home. Just image leaving your 9 to 5 job, which you probably hate, and earning money ten times than your regular post.

What are you thinking?

 Now it’s your turn to take action. Go ahead & make your dream come true! Let us know if you have any question in your mind. We are here to help!

Anup Kayastha (Author)

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