Air taxis to be tested in Singapore skies


For the first time in history, air taxi is going to be tested in Singapore skies in mid of 2019.

German-based company ‘Volocopter’ is going to make a test. The company announced about the test in Paris during Autonomy and the Urban Mobility Summit.

The air taxi which is known as Volocopter’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) is being tested to verify and ensure whether it will be able to fly in an environment of Singapore.

Reportedly, the air taxi can travel for 30 kilometres carrying two passengers. The air taxi that looks like helicopter will have a flying mechanism same as of drone.

The transportation ministry of Singapore, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and other various sectors are going to assist for the test of air taxi.

CAAS director of aviation industry Ho Yuen Sang said air taxis have the potentiality to transform mobility and logistics in urban cities.

Likewise, there will also be an examination of an appropriate route for an air taxi. Similarly, the climate of Singapore, environment and place for a landing of air taxi will also be emphasized during the testing period of flying taxi.

After the accomplishment of a test, the taxi will be publicized for its operation.

The place for testing of air taxi hasn’t been fixed yet, space with less population and properties are in our priority, informed the transportation ministry of Singapore.

During the trial, the maximum importance will be given to citizen’s security, said the ministry. A required code of conducts is being made for testing of air taxi.

Experts have said that the flying taxi will be safer and economical than a helicopter. Goods can also be transported through air taxi.

Recently, Russian tech company Hoversurf has built the flying motorbike and started the pre-booking of it.

The flying motorbike has the maximum speed of 96 km/hr. It can fly up to 5 meters from ground surface. Dubai police force has already planned to use this motorbike, and they had started to train its officers how to pilot a new flying bike.

Engineers have told that the motorbike can fly for 40 minutes if it is activated to ‘Remote Control Drone Mode.’ The bike can be parked even in the general parking. It can be highly useful for traffic polices who duties in the area with high traffic jams.

At the present scenario, the progress of technology has moved to an extreme pace. Just recently Xinhua – a state news agency of China has introduced the world’s first AI news anchor in its newsroom. The agency says that the anchor can read text mimic facial expression and impersonate mannerism as realistically as human. So much so they could threaten the job of presenter they are modelled of literally.

Xinhua informed the AI technology is not limited to news anchoring. The systems can be customized to different clients and can be exploited in other industries and markets.

After looking at all these amazing innovations it has been confirmed that the world of technology has steeped to the next level. If the progress of technology goes at the same pace, then we can expect to see lots of incredible technology stuff in the future.


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