Deerwalk Hult Prize

3rd December 2023, Kathmandu

The Hult Prize at Deerwalk embarks on its annual competition with a vibrant celebration of tradition through “Sound of Tradition.

Scheduled to enthrall audiences on December 6th at the Deerwalk Complex, this captivating exhibition aims to illuminate the rich history and melodious charm of traditional Newari musical instruments through an engaging exhibition and captivating performances.

“Sound of Tradition” promises an immersive experience, blending the enchanting melodies of traditional Newari musical instruments with an exploration of our cultural heritage. It aspires to unite and enlighten the youth, offering a platform to delve into our historical roots and embrace the diverse tapestry of our heritage using the universal language of music.

Hult Prize Competition

This inaugural event signals the start of a series of dynamic activities within the annual Hult Prize competition at Deerwalk. Embracing the expansive theme of “Unlimited,” this year’s Hult Prize aims to chart new territories of innovation, harnessing the untapped potential of youth to tackle global challenges through entrepreneurship, social impact, and inventive thinking.

The Deerwalk Hult Prize is an annual competition that empowers and inspires young innovators to address pressing global challenges through entrepreneurial solutions. With a mission to foster social entrepreneurship and impactful change, the initiative provides a platform for students to ideate, collaborate, and showcase innovative ideas aimed at tackling societal issues.

“Embracing innovative ideas and fostering entrepreneurship, the Hult Prize resonates deeply with me as a catalyst for impactful change. It represents more than just a competition; it’s a global movement empowering young visionaries like myself to tackle pressing social issues.

The Hult Prize embodies hope, igniting the fire within each of us to pioneer solutions and make a tangible difference” said the Campus Director of Deerwalk Hult Prize 2023/34, Kripa Acharya.

“Sound of Tradition” sets the stage for a series of engaging Hult Prize events at Deerwalk. Watch out for upcoming announcements and opportunities to actively engage in their mission for limitless innovation and social entrepreneurship.


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