Hackathon BIC

2nd December 2023, Kathmandu

Boston International College is set to host BIC Hackathon V3.0 in partnership with the Boston Center for Information and Technology.

This 48-hour continuous event promises participants the prime opportunity to explore their curiosities, acquire new skills, and create something extraordinary under the guidance of seasoned mentors and judges.

Date and Time: December 20-22, 2023

BIC Hackathon V 3.0 aims to be a grand and inclusive event, welcoming tech enthusiasts from all walks of life. The organizers encourage participants to join forces, making it an adventure for everyone. The rallying cry is clear: “If you’re ready for an adventure, see you by the fire!”

Event Criteria:

Eligibility: This hackathon is exclusively for students enrolled in +2 and bachelor-level programs.

Valid College ID: All participants must present a valid college ID during the registration process.

Registration Fee: Teams can register at a fee ranging from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 6,500 per team.

Team Composition: Teams should consist of a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3, with a preference for at least one female member.

Prizes Await the Victors:

Overall First Place: The champion team will be awarded Rs. 35,000, a Running Shield, Certificate of Appreciation, and a Gold Medal.

Overall Second Place: The second-place team will receive Rs. 25,000, a Certificate of Appreciation, and a Silver Medal.

Overall Third Place: The third-place team will be honored with Rs. 15,000, a Certificate of Appreciation, and a Bronze Medal.

Best Team Award: Recognizing excellence, the Best Team will receive Rs. 5,000 and a Certificate of Appreciation.

How to Register? Click Here

Aspiring participants should form their teams, ensuring they meet the specified criteria.
Ensure all team members have valid college IDs ready for the registration process.

Online registration is available on the official event website. Pay the registration fee to secure your spot.

Confirmation details will be provided upon successful registration.

BIC Hackathon V3.0 is not just an event; it’s a convergence of minds set to redefine the boundaries of innovation.

Tech enthusiasts are encouraged to embrace the challenge, connect with mentors, and contribute to the tech community.

Stay tuned for updates on what promises to be a groundbreaking hackathon experience!


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