School of Management, Tribhuvan University is going to host the Hult Prize Campus event, on December 13th, 2017. The School of Management, Tribhuvan University (SOMTU) is an autonomous institution formed by Tribhuvan University under the faculty of management.

SOMTU, established in 2012 AD, is a reputed professional Business School which has operated the master level professional business courses in Nepal. SOMTU has adopted MBA, MBA-GLM, MBA-IT, and MFC programs. It is a pioneer school of Tribhuvan University in running such professional routes.

The world’s most significant student competition, “Hult Prize,” comes to School of Management, Tribhuvan University whereby students tackle United Nations “Harnessing the Power of Energy to Transform the Lives of 10 Million People” Challenge. We are calling entrepreneurs to create a viable start-up and compete for $1 million in seed capital.

The Hult Prize is a start-up accelerator for social entrepreneurship that brings together the brightest college and university students from around the globe to solve the world’s problem. The Hult Prize aims to launch a start-up enterprise that can radically change the world and breed the next generation of social entrepreneurs. In partnership with the United Nations, the Hult Prize is hosting college and university events across the globe in search of the next game-changing start-up. It is a global movement of student leaders that have an objective of inspiring youth to change the world through business.

Student teams compete around the world for a chance to secure US $ 1 Million start-up funding to launch a sustainable social venture. Ahmad Ashkar, CEO and Founder of the Hult Prize, attributes the success of the competition to the shift in the global economy and the millennial generation’s refusal to live in a world with inequality. “We are giving entrepreneurs from around the world a platform to innovate and revolutionize the way we think about servicing the disadvantaged,” Ashkar commented.

In the words of President Clinton, “The Hult Prize is a wonderful example of the creative cooperation needed to build a world with shared opportunity, shared responsibility, and shared prosperity, and each year I look forward to seeing the many outstanding ideas the competition produces.” The theme for this year is: “Harnessing the Power of Energy to Transform the Lives of 10 Million People”.

It invites ideas to harness all types of energy including alternative/renewal energy. The six dimensions ripe for transformation through energy-powered innovation includes Connectivity, Mobility, Farming, food & agriculture, Water collection, storage & transport, Health & the human experience and Education. All these dimensions are prominent to Nepalese Society.

This event aims to develop the internal capabilities of the students and transform them into the change makers solving the world’s problem as stated. We, thus, believe that this is a tremendous opportunity to be involved in developing competent future global leaders from Nepal. Hult Prize at SOMTU Final Event is a platform for students of Tribhuvan University to earn their golden ticket to regional finals of the worldwide competition.

We ask student entrepreneurs to create viable startup centered on the theme of the Hult, and the winning team will be fast-tracked to compete at one of the fifteen regional finals events around the world, bypassing the general application which annually receives over 20,000 applicants from more than 350 colleges and universities in over 150 countries. The Hult Prize regional competition will take place in March 2018 in 16 different locations.

Following the regional finals, one winning team from each host city will attend a summer business accelerator, where participants will receive mentorship, advisory and strategic planning as they create prototypes and set-up to launch their new social business. A final round competition will take place in September 2018, where one winning team will be selected as the winner and will be awarded the US$ 1,000,000.

It is a pleasure and privilege to invite the multi-skilled and adept scholars of Tribhuvan University viz. Faculty of Management, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to our school to participate in the “Hult Prize Competition.” We have dynamic judges and partners and to top it all, students will get national investors if their idea is worth implementing. Eligibility: – Open to all students of four faculties of Tribhuvan University viz.

Faculty of Management, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Students are invited to form a team of 3-4 (Alumni and faculty are not allowed to be official team members) – Student can be a mix of programs and colleges – No entry charge – To register for the competition, fill out the form at Event Timeline: Application Call: November 5, 2017 Application Close: Priority deadline November 30, 2017 Late: December 5, 2017 Participants screening: November 28 to December 7, 2017 Campus Final: December 13, 2017 Regional Finals: March 2018 Accelerator program: July – August 2018 Hult Prize global final: September 2018.

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