Human Species May Be Endangered

We watch movies relating to Artificial Intelligence but have we thought how the evolving machines could affect our lives. With companies trying to make the Apps that can learn itself and countries are progressing on the development of Artificially Intelligent devices, there might come a day when human species may be endangered. The movies are showing such doesn’t mean that it is possible or impossible.
We don’t know the machines. Till now we were the ones that were creating them. What if someday they learn to establish themselves? What if they feel threatened by human civilization?
The rise of Computers and the connecting device are coming closer than we have expected.
That’s the key take away from a meeting of some of the top minds and business brains in the tech business, held in London. However, there were others who were thinking about how it’s going to be if something like Artificial Intelligence came in its Full Form.
Many held a perfect view of Artificial Intelligence, thinking it will change our lives into something useful. However, there are others who are worried about the situation they might have to face.
As the situation has not come up now and it is coming shortly, we can’t say anything about it. But all we can do is predict and wish that it won’t threaten our lives. Everyone is looking forward to the Future of machines. However, we humans do not want to be left out of it.
While some think of the machine as a threat, there are others who think apparatus is here to help. Here are some of the keynotes of the business event that took place in London.
“If we could copy human consciousness, I think that would be excellent news as the AI would be human and would want similar things as humans. The problem, of course, is that there would be imperfections in the simulation,” says Jaan Tallinn, Cambridge Centre for Existential Risk.
“The narrative has changed from ‘isn’t it terrible that AI is such a failure?’ to ‘isn’t it terrible that AI is such a success?’ We are building it to empower humanity, not destroy us.” Mustafa Suleyman, Head of Applied AI, DeepMind.