Apple To Use High Speed Internet

Apple with its new plan and the conference is in the headlines of Tech world these days. With the rumor of creating a online music streaming website, it is expected to be having the No.1 music streaming website soon. It has got the World famous websites like iTunes for music and movies and icloud for storing photos and documents and Siri voice assistant.
However, with the high demand of online music streaming website, it is expected to be launching one and it maybe announced in the WWD conference. But for the proper management of this websites, it maybe needing an internet with not just proper but high bandwidth.
The other website were managed with the help of traditional network. But with the plan of launching the online music streaming website they might need something more than the network they have been using.
 Therefore Apple is Assembling a high speed network. and it is also upgrading how it builds the data centers. This is an step ahead towards the competitive companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.Apple’s push to build a stronger cloud infrastructure combines two initiatives: Building out a faster network and upgrading data centers. However, Apple hasn’t disclosed how much it is going to spend for the data centers this year.
Last year Apple spent $1 billion into the data centers. Apple wants to handle more traffic on its own by owning the high speed internet. Apple wants to own pipes linking its four large U.S. data centers and Internet hubs in certain cities to ensure fast, reliable delivery of content and services.
They are planning to install the pipes where the market is large. They also expect to be renting less for the data centers compared to Amazon and Microsoft. To be precise Apple has been trying to build out its own data center.
They are going to need a lot of space to be working with Itunes, icloud and the new rumored music streaming system.  Apple has also been trying to build the data centers with their own design and innovation.
Even the equipments needed are expected to be made by themselves as they are talking to manufacture companies for that. Apple will be however focusing on a important matter i.e content delivery.