There are many competitions occurred within the kathmandu valley under different fields. Now time has come for every CSIT students studying in different colleges to show up their talents through 4th Inter CSIT College Quiz Competition. No one believe that this program is also really exist and warmly welcomed by every CSIT lovers. Since this program is actually for them, so hurry up to submit your entry form before 22nd Bhadra.

This program is actually conducted or organized by the winner of 3rd CSIT Inter College QUIZ Mania, the students of kathmandu BernHardt College. And this program is sponsored by Leapfrog academy and supported by CSIT and CSIT Nepal. It will be for a one day event on 29th Bhadra, 2073, Thursday (14th september, 2016) at 9AM while the venue will be in Kathmandu BernHardt College, Bafal, (Ring Road, Kalanki), kathmandu.

For this program, formal invitation will be delivered to all the CSIT colleges along with Event Details, Rules and Regulation; and the certain procedure needed to fill up this form. One Important things about this program is that each college can only send atmost 2 teams having 3 members each. Besides, the Tie-Sheet will be produced in the presence of the captains of each team prior to the event at Captain’s Meeting.