We are living in the most advanced time of the technology since the origin of the earth. Almost everything is turning besides the food that we eat and some other things but they can also be possible with the help of technology. So in such a high tech time, its obvious that problems may arise on a small or big scale. Even if we are enjoying the time, we are also looking for a great future ahead. In the meantime we may face different from the same things that are making us ease in our daily life. That is cyber crime and one of the biggest threat to cyber crime is being hacked. As the life of people have digitized in a different manner for example: if we used to call and talk to our friends now we talk with the messenger applications and in real time video chat. Therefore internet has been an efficient way of communication these days.
But, what about the security and privacy. If it were those day, it would have been really hard to track down our phones and listen to what we are speaking but as the internet came there is high risk that our privacy is under attack. Hackers can easily access our accounts and know whatever we are trying to keep a secret. Conversations are just an example but things like our bank accounts, other accounts are at a high risk. So when somebody account has been compromised, its not time to panic but to work to get it back. If you act swiftly and rationally you can clear up this mess in a matter of hours.Here are some simple steps that may look quite easy but still difficult to some to get back their accounts when they are hacked with an unknown source. And thus minimize the effect of the hack that can cause to your life.
Dont panic:
The first thing we do after our accounts gets hacked is we panic which may result to random decisions taken by us. The important thing to do is not to panic so that we can act rationally in such moments. Its obvious that our data and information are at risk but we should be careful that we can still minimize the effect if we thing in a proper way which is only possible if we dont panic. Accounts get hacked everyday but the key to not panicking is knowing that everything is going to get normal and take a long breathe to stay calm.
Getting your accounts back:
While you were registering the accounts you may have provided some secret and essential information to the service so that it can recognize you. Well its time to remember them and write it on a piece of paper so that you can provide the answer when the service asks you for those information. The main thing is even if hackers have access to your accounts, its not possible for them to change each and every information so you can go to the service and contact the service provider letting them know that your account has been compromised and follow their guidelines to get your account back. The quicker you do this, the less damage is going to be with your account.
Change all your passwords:
Once you get back your account, you need to change your password and make it strong so that your account wont get compromised next time. Well it cant prevented completely but try to make it as much secure as possible like the features have been provided by google to send a code and enable notifications during login. Changing password keeping it long and with string and number is definitely going to make your account a lot safer. Hackers do attacks called “brute force” where they try to guess passwords using trial and error.So its our duty to make them really hard to guess with our passwords.
Try to find out what happened:
 The next best thing you can do is trying to know how your account was compromised. In this way you can take care of the situation in the future too and have a sound knowledge on how to deal with this. Reading this article too might help some to work it out with the problem. And by knowing the reason you also can work on making your accounts more secure as well.
Check and change your setting: 
Check whether if your accounts setting have been changed and whether your messages have been set to forward in certain mailing address. if such incident happen you can notify your service provider about such event in case you sensitive information might have been compromised.
Notify everyone: 
let everyone know about the hack and also tell them to stay secure as they might be the next victim. Also let them know that links that the hacker might have sent through your emails shouldn’t be clicked.
Scan your computer:
You can scan your computer for malware or any such kind of software that might have resulted in the hack and thus you can remove them to be secure in the future.