Nowadays in this growing world of technology online marketing is very important. Customers frequently turn to website to discover or purchase the item or information they are interested in . Even small retailers have opened up opportunities around the online market but they also have to compete with giants such as Amazon and E bay . Therefore, in order to boost your company you need to exceed the expectation of the customer. Keeping that in mind, here are some features that could boost your E- commerce experience to a whole new level.

I) Create an “About” page :

The about page is crucial for the development of the business of small retailers,goals, story and how the company is going about satisfying the wants and needs of customers .This page promotes goals and set’s ambitions that set you apart from your competition.

II) Emphasis on user- generated content :

The current fans and customers should be given top most priority by providing unique content which involves allowing them to decide which products should go into further production.

III) make shopping simple :

The worst thing that an online store can do is by making their visitors struggle to find what they are looking for. Remember, the less clicks it takes to get to their designated site-the better.

IV) Blog and Blog some more! :

Blogging has a lot of benefits, any business that refuses to associate themselves with this action is instantly losing potential customers. Blogging not only provides you with feedback of the customers but it also helps build the relationship between you and your customer. It allows you to have a productive interaction between customers and business owners.

V) Offer amazing customer support :

Customer support is very essential for any business to flourish and expectations are crucial in order to maintain constant reputation in the online retail sphere.