Basic Interface

Lets say your road to online business has commenced, the site is working smoothly, you’ve put in a lot of important content to fulfill your audiences needs by providing high-quality materials.Now,its time to find out if everything is working out good for you or are you just wasting time and money on the non-important stuff.Amazingly, almost 80% of the profits you receive can actually come from only 20% of your websites content .Hence, if you want to boost up that profit percentage you need to first figure out what your customers demands are and if you’re meeting their criteria once they are on your website,
Google Analytics give’s you the much required equipments to pinpoint information and properly optimize your activities. The latest version of the google analytics comes from analytics 5.
This version comes with a custom dashboard so you can analyse every part of your website you are interested in .
whats more exiting is you can now decide for yourself the format in which the information is being displayed. For example, you can look at your views graphically or view according to the countries in a pie chart and so on .
But, the first step in learning how to use google analytics is by using basic interface.
While accessing the reports the website will direct you to the visitors over screen .Which is slightly different from the previous version of analytics. This is where a general screen with content information and traffic sources are provided to you. The drop-down selection provides results of the site of this month or the previous or any other month till date. you also have the luxury to compare reports for better content.
Along the top, more navigation, including an additional link to conversations and custom links are also provided.