Industry Association Morang

17th September 2021, Kathmandu

Mentors have been selected to provide mentorship services to startups in business planning, business registration, legal, administrative, technical, quality standards, marketing, human resource management, financial management, marketing, etc. The organization has organized a two-day mentor’s meet on September 13 and 14.

Suyash Pyakurel, President of the organization, said that experts from various fields, successful entrepreneurs, subject matter technicians, senior financial analysts, chartered accountants, and legal experts have agreed to provide mentorship services to startups based on their expertise. He said that it was everyone’s responsibility to help.

He gave an example of startups expanding their business around the world with small investments in developed countries and requested everyone’s initiative in business development and promotion of startups.

Surendra Golchha, the coordinator of the startup committee, expressed confidence that the startup and innovation program launched by the organization would develop a successful system to develop the ecosystem of business services.

He said that he would facilitate and coordinate with the investors including Venture Capital and Angel Capital to manage the investment in the startups selected by the organization for business development and provide services through partner organizations for sample production, laboratory testing, and research as per the needs of the startups.

Similarly, the co-coordinator of the committee, Viju Thapaliya also said that the two-day mentors’ meet would help in expanding the relationship between mentors and startup entrepreneurs and use it for business development and benefit.

Likewise, The Facilitator of Mentors Meet organized by the organization and Chief Executive Officer of Antarprerna Nepal, Niraj Khanal spoke about the ability to teach, build confidence, and set goals for successful mentors in view of the consulting services provided to the startups selected by the organization.

He pointed out the need for cooperation with the government, developing organizations, media sector, civil society, political parties, various associations/institutions, and others in promoting and promoting startups.

The Mentors Meet was attended by 20 people including industrialists, bankers, chartered accountants, professors, lawyers, women entrepreneurs as well as subject matter experts.

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