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16th September 2021, Kathmandu

Are you curious about Ncell Pathshala? Or, thinking about taking courses through Ncell Pathshala? Then you have landed on the right page.

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Ncell Axiata Limited was previously known as Ncell Private Limited. It is a mobile service provider from Nepal. Ncell provides a self-service app that is used by a majority of people. Also, you can install the Ncell app to recharge your account, check your balance, and purchase data or voice packs.

Moreover, Ncell is starting a learning platform ‘Ncell Pathshala’.

What is Ncell Pathshala?

It aims to make self-study attainable for anyone willing to learn. Ncell Pathshala is bringing Industry Aligned courses for the people of Nepal to UpSkill and ReSkill from some of the top organizations worldwide.

It provides various vocational, technical, and general courses in the web platform and mobile app. Moreover, Ncell Pathshala provides skill-based courses which are taught by experts in a particular field.

Courses and Pricing of Ncell Pathshala

It is good to know that Ncell Pathshala brings MS Office, basics of billing, fundamentals of data entry, basic negotiation development, and other useful skills. This platform also has technical courses like Web Development, learn Python Data Analysis, Cloud-Native Application Development with Java EE, and many more.

However, the paid courses price ranges from Rs. 499 to Rs. 999. Also, you can get access to free courses which include Tricky English Grammar, becoming an entrepreneur, interview research and preparation, and other general courses.

Ncell Pathshala platform supports airtime balance deduction from your registered Ncell mobile number.

How to take courses on Ncell Pathshala?

The good news is Ncell Pathshala courses are totally on-demand courses. You can simply register on Ncell Pathshala from a valid Ncell number to subscribe to your courses. In order to take the courses, you need to have a basic configuration laptop or desktop with a proper internet connection.

Receive a certificate after completion of courses

Moreover, you will receive a course completion certificate to document your accomplishment and endorsements. The certificate will be provided on passing the assessment by the partner organization. Also, you will get a digitally signed certificate from the authorities.

After you are complete of courses, you will receive the certificate on your Ncell Pathshala account. In addition, the certificate is valid for a lifetime. And, this certificate is also valid throughout Nepal. It certifies your skillset.

However, Ncell Pathshala is not an accredited institution. It offers skill-based courses taught by experts in their field.

Collaboration plans of Ncell Pathshala

In addition, Ncell Pathshala is looking forward to collaborating with schools, colleges, and other companies in Nepal in near future. Also, those companies can upload their content on Ncell Pathshala on a monthly subscription. As well as they can train their employees, partners, and vendors.

Also, they will be able to launch their own marketplace or even start distant learning programs through this platform. Moreover, Ncell Pathsala will provide features where every faculty can give assignments, conduct an AI-based Proctored Online Examination. As well as upload courses in form of PDF and PPT format.

Other than that, Ncell Pathshala is also planning to add Nepali language content gradually. It aims to bring more affordable courses for targeting people from every walks of life in Nepal.


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