Info developers Pvt. Ltd. awarded with “Best Outstanding ICT Award 2016” in Myanmar. Nepal’s software company info developers Pvt. Ltd. have been awarded an international award in Myanmar. Info developers Pvt. Ltd. were awarded “Best Outstanding ICT Award 2016” at an event ‘ASOCIO ICT summit 2016’ held at Myanmar.

Best companies of different countries are awarded in every annual function of Asian Association of Computing Industries Organization (ASOCIO). There is a total of 22 member countries in this organization established in 1984 A.D. Since a few days, President of CAN Federation Er. Binod Dhakal has been elected as the Board member of ASOCIO representing Nepal.

‘This year info developers Pvt. Ltd. achieving this feat has raised the height of Nepal in Information Communication and Technology’, said  Er. Binod  Dhakal; CEO of info developers Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Umesh Raghubansi was present at the Award Ceremony. Info developers Pvt. Ltd. have been Serving in different organizations like Government Organizations, NGOs, INGOs, Financial Institutions and many more.