Tech Bihani 3.0 will be introduced with more improvements and better events. Tech Bihani 3.0 will have number of pre-events such as Photoshop Workshop/Contest, Android Workshop, Python Training, Git Workshop and .NET Workshop. These pre-events will promote Tech Bihani. This will also help improve the event and the event will be able to receive more number of visitors and participants. The main events on Tech Bihani 3.0 will be project demonstration on theme based Rural Development and other theme less like Hardware, Software and Civil projects. We will have other real time competitions such as Code-X(Code Debugging and Code War), Circuit Designing and Gaming.

Price : Free
Seats : Limited
Date : 19th November 2016, Saturday (4th Mangsir 2073)
Time : 11:00 – 17:00
Venue : Advanced College of Engineering And Management
Kupundole, Lalitpur, Nepal

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