Name: Instagram

Release Date: 06-10-2010

Country: USA

Industry: Internet

Company: Instagram


Instagram is one the best motivational stories for budding entrepreneurs who dream of making it big. Instagram has lunched a new app which is managed to get 100000 users in a week and two years later, it is sold to Facebook for $1 billion.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founder which attributes its success which made them thoughtful based on communication with Kevin Systrom which had a talent for making photographs seems beautiful and Mik Krigers talented engineer.

They both developed an check-in app called Burbn, This is similar to an app called four square and they lunched that and the people are using it to take photos.

After their mainly attempts, they realized to get idea about Instagram and decided to concentrate on this apps to sharing photo and editing called Instagram. This is a combination of instant camera and telegram. Systrom and kieger worked dooming early hours to share Instagram in front of the world. While talking about today news, Instagram is mostly used to take photo and for sharing videos.

It is used by various social media such as Facebook, twitter and Tumbler for editing photos, clicking pictures and to share them. The main feature of Instagram is to rise quickly is due its unique filters.

People are very exciting and interesting to apply those filters and started raising about this app to their friends. Instagram is awarded as the top 50 list of Android application.

It has started a strict hiring employee which believes them the success of a company which depends on the team for working and hire smart and inspiring people about their jobs.

According to the founder, he stated that fear makes people back of their real dreams. It is learnt that which is more important to cut and mainly focus to improve your products. It has inspirational story of how it provides vague idea which turned their company into major success.