As we know that Lenovo is a Chinese brand and it has more than 300 jobs as net profit and has more than 50% fell by its first quarter.

The most robust market environment in recent years, the world biggest personal computer makers.

It was plugged by 80% for the first quarter of the pre-tax profit, and the revenues grow to 10.7 billion. It is estimated that the blooming analyst has 11.5 billion.

It’s a cost in 1.35 billion annually and cut 3200 staff from the non-manufacturing workforce. It is relatively around five percent of its worldwide lead count. It has started his restructure mobile business. The financial results didn’t meet expectation. It includes better aligning business and significantly reducing costs.

Lenovo traded Hongkong down by almost seven percent near to US$1.02. Lenovo has suffered from global demand for PCs including the smartphone market.

The revenue goes down by 13% per year, and on the mobile sector, Lenovo and Motorola were up by 33%.

In the mobile world, they are moving towards the challenge for the company as demand in China to face the increased competition in the domestic brands.

Lenovo shares its worldwide smartphone market which is affected by the softer demands and service competition in the China smartphone market

Lenovo bought Motorola from Google for $2.9 billion on the last outlook, and Motorola has the momentum business growth.