Interaction Program With Mr. Mahabir Pun At NCIT

It’s great to know that Mr. Mahabir Pun is going to give his valuable speech on social entrepreneurship and theoretical Knowledge to solve various local problems. So give your enthusiastic participation for upcoming events on 13th September at King’s College. This program would be started from 8.30 to 10.00 so put your remarkable attendance for this program.

During this program, Mr. Mahabir Pun would also discuss on “The National Innovation Center,” his future planning project, so if you don’t know him then don’t miss this opportunity to know him and his dream project.

Mr. Mahabir Pun is a visionary Leader who has a dream to make all the rural areas of Nepal connected to the Internet and the global community. Because of his unbelievable devotion towards society and the Country, he was awarded and honored with Magsaysay Award and also got chance to rewarded by the other international recognition.

He has thought that it’s our country and all the people living around us is our relatives, so he always gives his enthusiastic contribution and efforts to society. Besides, he has also thought that development is only possible through village development. For this reason, he always focused on the village and community development and its people.

So, get ready to join and contribute towards materializing our dream of a National Innovation Center into Reality.

Anyone interested can join this program, so hurry up for this event and also don’t forget to share this information to your friends since it’s free, and you would get a chance to know more about him. So hurry up for this event with Mr. Mahabir Pun.