None believes that a USB Kill can destroy any computer within a second but its true. This Proof-of-Concept USB Prototype was designed by a Russian Researcher, Dark Purple and during his demonstration he had shown that how he could destroy the sensitive components of a computer, television or any electrical devices when plugged in.

A HongKong-based technology manufacturer is selling a USB thumb drive called USB Kill 2.0 which can easily kill any unauthorized laptop, PC or even television when plugged in using a power surge via the USB port. It would cost around $49.95.

Now, let’s know how the USB Kill 2.0 work and for whom USB KILL would be useful.

When you insert the USB Kill 2.0 to your laptop or computer, the USB Kill rapidly charges its capacitors through the USB Power Supply and then discharges within a second. The USB stick discharges 200 volts DC power over the data lines of the host machine and this charge-and –discharge cycle is repeated several numbers of times in just one second, until the USB kill stick is removed. It is also known that this device actually doesn’t erase data but it will damage the point on which data retrieval is possible.

Now, lets know to whom does it useful and for why. The USB Kill is useful for anyone but especially for whistle blowers, journalists, activists and even cyber criminals , who want to keep their sensitive data away from law enforcement. It is something like as terrorist do. That is, if you are caught, then kill your all confidential data if the law enforcement has caught your laptop.

However, the company has announced that they would develop USB Kill 2.0 for the sole purpose, just to test their devices against USB power surge attacks and to prevent data from data theft or “juice Jacking” attacks.

Actually Juice Jacking attack is a type of cyber attack where malware installed on a computer can surreptitiously copy data from any android devices, computers and tablets using a USB charging port which would double the data connection, than USB.

So the USB Kill 2.0  when “designed and tested to be safe” by the company, they have warned that USB stick would be of “high-voltage device” and is especially for “responsible adults”. Furthermore, now USB Kill 2.0 has also come with a USB Protection Shield called Test Shield, which would allow the testing of the USB killer stick without destroying the host machine. So, nothing to worry about.