conference on cybersecurity

20th June 2021, Kathmandu

Cybercrime, Cyberlaw, Cyber Security is a paramount factor of the today’s technology generation. In the generation of Science and technology, The security, crime, law is a paramount concern for user and developer both.

The International Conference on cybersecurity, cyberlaw, and cybercrime’s aim is to empower attendees with quality information on emerging threats, techniques, strategies, solutions, and cost-effective methods of ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyberlaw infrastructure. The international conference will be attended by not only international tech enthusiasts but also international speakers who are tremendously interested and concerned about cybersecurity, cyber law, cybercrime.

These would include representatives from the Central Government & State Governments, various Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, Police, Business, Information Technology, Corporate Sector, Academicians, Scholars, Service Providers, International Organizations, and distinguished thought leaders. Cybercrime & Cybersecurity has been supported by 125+ international and national organizations.

These include UNESCO, ITU, and UNU-EGOV in the UN Family, as also by Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications, Europol Cybercrime Centre, Interpol, Internet Society, World Federation of Scientists, International Association of Prosecutors, Global Prosecutors  E-Crime Network, and Asia Cloud Computing Association.

Last year conference was supported by In its previous editions, the Conference has been supported by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India; Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India; Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India; and also by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The vital topics will be covered and concern on Cyberlaw Jurisprudential Trends And Challenges, Golden Age Of Cybercrimes – Salient Aspects And Challenges, Why Cyber Security Assumes More Significance In Covid-19 Era? Splinternet And Connected Issues, Increasing Internet Shutdowns And Digital Liberties, Advances In AI And Connected Jurisprudence, Cyber Security And Vaccine Supply Chains, Critical Information Infrastructure Attacks And Connected Approaches,New Advances In Cyber Security And Connected Aspects,Data Protection During Covid-19 And Beyond,Medical And Health Data In Pandemic – Connected Challenges, Internet Shutdowns – Issues And Challenges,Ethics And Artificial Intelligence, Evaporating Privacy In Digital Ecosystem, Online Education, Pandemic And Challenges, Banking, Financial Services And Insurance (BFSI), Health & Government – Sectors Under Constant, Cyber Attacks,Cyber Attacks And Cyber Sovereignty,Evolving Principles And Best Practices Of Cyber Resilience,Data Economy During Covid-19 And Beyond, New Evolving Trends On Darknet,Mobile Apps, Apps Ecosystem And Connected Challenges, Blocking Of Content And Counter-Responses, Artificial Intelligence In Judicial And Governmental Ecosystems, Phishing, Identity Theft And Fraud – Trinity Of New Cybercrimes, Ransomware And Cybercrime-As-A-Service, Cyberspace Norms And Connected Developments,Outerspace, Cyberspace And Related Challenges.

For more details: Cyber Law Conference


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