SUBISU CAN ICT Conference 2017 In association with SAMSUNG

Magh 16, Sunday,9:45 am: 17th CAN ICT Conference all set to begin with a motto to implement ICT in all sectors for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as marked by UN for year 2030.


Day-1, Session-1: Inauguration, 10:00 am -11:15 am

A warm welcome was given to all the invited guests and VIPs for the event. Followed by the flower bokeh distribution seat taking session was done for CAN Federation President Er. Binod Dhakal and other keynote speakers.

The first Keynote Speaker for the day was Prof. Dr. H.C. Bettina Harrihausen from University of Applied science German. She talked about Graphhopper Map and its wide range of applications for physically impaired people while driving. She further added that new electric cars will be using this map in the near future in their system. More about this app can be found on

Computer Conference Nepal IT CONFERENCE 2017

Similarly, President of CNI, FNCCI also added some valuable keynotes mentioning the use of ICT for Sustainable development of the country.

Likewise, Other keynote speakers who contributed their valuable words were:

  1. Birendra Kumar Mishra, Director General, Department of Information Technology.
  2. Digambar jha,President NTC
  3. Binod Dhakal, President- CAN Federation


Image:Minister Surendra kumar Karki Showcasing CAN USA newsletter at the Event.

This session concluded with some plans and proposals made by the keynote speakers about implementing ICT in all sectors like Education, Agriculture, Health, Transport, Tourism and so on.

Session II:

Presenter 1: Paper Presentation on SMART CITY by Er. Chakra wati Kantha

Mr. Kantha is the coordinator of New Town Development project(MoUD).He talked about the key concepts of making a smart city. He also light up important considerations   a smart city is supposed to have from livability to functioning. In Nepal, there are 13 locations proposed fro implementing smart city but all are in primitive stage. This smart city approach has been   made by government since past few years.

Presenter 2: Min prasad Aryal on e-waste management

Mr. Aryal is the Deputy Director of NTA. He talked about the daily generated solid as well as electronic wastage and its improper management. HE also gave delivered some useful insights on Ether grid technology being used in other parts of the world. If properly managed most of our expense on these goods will be highly reduced. This was one of the most informative topics discussed in this session.

Presenter 3: Shovit Das on Backbones for smart city, Allied Telsis

Mr. Das mentioned the important requisites needed for making a city smart. With edge cutting technologies evolving day by day the world has been rapidly changing. Technologies like IOT, Cloud Computing plays important roles in modern Tech growing companies and lives of peoples. These technologies if well implemented in all sectors will add enough quality for a  city to be smart.

Session III:

Presenter 1: Nitu Kedia on Nano technology for  Smart Health

Nitu Kedia gave some brief insights on the application of Nano technology in daily life. From retina implants to using it for basic helpful works Nano technology is of big help. Today she discussed her ongoing research work on Nano technology and made sure to make audience provide every possible knowledge about this Technology.

Presenter II: Shivajan Chaulagain on smart agriculture:

Mr. Chaulagain is a engineer by profession. However he chose not to work for others instead create a business of his own. His IFA Krishi app and startup Company ICT for Ari is a work of more than five years. Through this app he aims to connect farmers and provide them with all possible helps to do farming better. He briefly discussed his business plan and upcoming proposals fro the betterment of agriculture in Nepal. Dr. Bishnu Dhital added more brief on this initiation by Mr. Shivajan Chaulagain and gave us some useful insights.

The session concluded by giving ‘Token of Love’to all the Keynote speakers and presenters by ICT Confernce 2017 coordinator Mr. Reg Bhandari.



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