International Criminal Court

International terrorism falls under international law, especially in the area of international criminal law. Terrorist activities of global features are murdering of a political leader, threw at or war, hijacking of the plane, capturing of a person or a group or enslave, selling of life, carrying of drug trafficking, bomb barding and the conduction of destructive activities, etc. falls under it. The detailed description is given below:

The birth of international Terrorism does not occur in our era and time. Its history is of hundreds of years not of thousand. In ancient times, while protecting their land and shelter, Jews had to fight against the Romans. The historical proof of terrorism is the activities done by Jews against the Romans colonialists. The capable could get the share of land. Such tradition also promoted the exercise of terrorism. In such fighting, many brave people died, uncountable women were raped one were killed too. Hanging the head of enemies in Village, they were walked in the huts and helmets. Such an incident gave origin to terrorism. The fair solution didn’t get because of survival and death.

On the other hand, hashasin Gurills bit peasents with whips and the incident of beating hearing the sound wave not completed nearly 200 years. Great winners of the history finished the opponents in the name of victory and afterward, peaceful people were murdered. Such killings were not left only sucidial but horrified and terrified. In the history of terrorism, the medium of solving the political,, social ,religious national and International problems, terrorist killing, Hijacking of plane and ship and destroy, looting of passengers, bombarding, Spoiling of a large number of natural properties, scattering of international heritage, suppress the crowd of people with arm forces, kidnapping the people.

While observing the features of Terrorism in the resent world, the terrorist make the plan of terrorist make the plans of terrorist plans towards the activity of the country. We ca lear distinction between National and International Terrorism. While conducting actions of international features some times organised criminal gang also performs their activities freely. Terrorism has been creating plotted war taking grave form secretly. It has promoted the connection with national seperatist people political thoughts and the ego of the leaders. Thus Muslim leader are pacing ahead to terrorist acts.

Some researchers have given especially preferences to air and marine terrorism. Sea perates are considered in the sea terrorism. Plane hijacking is regarded to be very cruel terrorism in which passengers are killed and taken from one place to another forcefully. Tokyo declaration EC 1986 has clearly stated the unessential of the definition of international terrorism some scholars are purposing suggestion including the terrorism in their own criminal law and give regularity and find the way of solving them.